Slaughter Fleet Week: Dirge Seers and the Misery Cage

It’s 7:00AM EST on Friday morning. Do you know where your Cryx are?

Today we finish up Slaughter Fleet Week with the last of the models in the theme box, the Dirge Seers and the Misery Cage. As an added bonus, this month’s mini-crate model turned up on Wednesday, so we’ll take a quick peek at Victoria Pendrake as well.

Betwween all five models we’re got what, the mass of two of the three Ironmongers? Ain’t their fault the rest of the theme force is Ogrun and Trollkin, mind you.

The Dirge Seers all have enormous, taloned hands. Blight manifests in weird ways. Praise-The-Sun here is the only one of the three that doesn’t require assembly, so she gets to be first today.

Next, for some reason possibly the most disturbing single component I’ve seen from Privateer Press in a long time. There’s nothing inherently wrong or evil about it, but it gives me the willies.

The taloned hands attach directly in front of her chest. They can easily lean back slightly for additional support.

Dance freely, pretty dirge seer! Three pieces make up Esmerelda here, with her left arm and ponytail being their own components.

And then there’s the misery cage. A single piece of resin, it’s a reminder to all that there’s a difference between gibbets and giblets. You don’t want to see gibbets on the table at Thanksgiving, for a start.

And then there was Victoria Pendrake, this month’s Mini-Crate model. The foremost monster hunter and exotic zoologist of the Iron Kingdoms, she also apparently packs a decent chunk of sass.

Her sword arm and bow are the only separate components, making for a quick build and a great looking model.


Now, you’ve missed your chance to get Victoria, but everything else we’ve showcased this week is in the Slaughter Fleet Theme Force box. Add a warcaster and some helljacks and you’ve got a brilliant thematic Scharde Island pirate adventure ahead of you.

Keelhaul the land lubbers!