Slaughter Fleet Week: Gerlak and the Ironmongers

Part two of Slaughter Fleet Week! As we continue our voyage through the Slaughter Fleet Raiders, today we take a gander at the baddest Bloodgorger himself, Gerlak Slaughterborn, and the newest Black Ogrun to sail out of the Scharde Isles, the Ironmongers. Much like how the Blighted Ogrun are one of my favourite concepts in the Legion of Everblight and how the Ogruns of the Searforge Commission are just plain fun models, I’m excited to see new models for Cryx’s Ogrun.

Gerlak is the same old huggable lout we’ve always known him to be, but now his body is cast in resin, making him significantly ligher.

Dangling the skulls of one’s enemies from ones belt just seems like a recipe to have skulls thwacking you in the bits when you’re running at your foe, risking a sudden collapse to the ground clutching one’s manhood and tearing up in agony. But hey, I’m not Blighted Trollkin, what do I know.

The back spines extend down from the head component. I choose to believe this indicates that they’re not actually spines, but rather aggressive use of hair gel on a magnificent head of hair.

The rear armour skirt, complete with “Just Married” skulls, has a key to line up neatly with the underside. Also adds more weight to the lower portion of the model. Stability is a thing.

And now, the Ironmongers!!! Three torsos, two heads, and six arms of characterful awesomeness. Potential IKRPG models right here too!

The grunt body can wear either head. Both left arms are identical, but the right has the option of enormous wrench or military pick.

Bringing the fanny pack back, aw yeah… even if it is now located over the belly rather than below. Note the booze hanging from the back of the belt, for authentic Scharde Isle Mechanik flavour.

Do you have any idea how hard it can be to get the camera to focus on two tiny heads balanced on a fingertip? Cornrows on the left there has a bandana too, so he doesn’t have to breathe in filthy human stench.

And then there’s Our Lady of the Shifting Spanner. The head’s part of the main body, so all you have to glue on is the arms.

Shifting her fanny pack down where it belongs, Our Lady of the Shifting Spanner also apparently enjoys a stogie. Black Ogrun, Black Lungs… through given that they live and work around necrofactoriums, a little cigar smoke is probably among the least harmful things they breathe in each day.

And yes, I had to assemble one, and yes, I used the pick, because I love how it looks as a piratical melee weapon. I tan totally see these models finding their way into an IKRPG campaign… Oh, and they can Curse target models for their warjacks to attack, so I’m pretty sure we’ll see them on the tabletop too…


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