Whip it good: Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch

When Lord Toruk comes along, you must whip it. Cygnar comes on too strong? You must whip. Those Ogrun just won’t play Mah Jong unless you whip it. Doot doot doot… The Satyxis Raiders are one one of those model kits that live in the nightmares of their assemblers, along with the Nyss Hunters and the Steelhead Halberdiers. Hitting shelves today – yes, today, didn’t you read Mike Vaillancourt’s Insider yesterday? – are the newest iteration of the Scharde Isles’ in-house flayers. Let’s have a bo-peep.

First off, tip of the hat to whomever was responsible for packing this lot. Tres organized.

Sorting the components makes it pretty easy to work out which components are for the unit leader and the sea witch attachment.

The grunts come on sprues of three. Each has the horns pre-attached (yay!) and minimal clipping has you covered.

One of them was facing the opposite direction. Or maybe she was trying to sneakily count the belt coins of her neighbor. I’m not gonna judge.

Side-eye-sneak-a-peak is actually the easiest to identify the lacerator for, since it’s attached to a full arm.

It took a little test fitting and a fair bit of second guessing but I *think* this is coinbutt’s lacerator.

Angry-fist-shaky gets the last whip, and the hair extensions.

The Sea Witch – my favourite of the models in the box – has separate horns to remind you to behave, and without them could almost pass as a twi’lek from this angle.

Finally, the unit leader, who’s actually stepping forward but looks like she’s practicing her ballet en pointe if you look directly face on. Bonus points to whomever paints Eiryss’ midriff tattoos on her.

Assembled,she looks like she means business,with a clenched fist and a lacerator whipping around to carve flesh like so much… um… flesh.

The Satyxis Raiders and Sea Witch hit the shelves of FLGS’ and online retailers today. Get yer whip on.