Blighted Trollkin Marauders

Sometimes you pick up a box and it’s really light in your hands, and you know it’s full of plastic and resin and think nothing more of it. Then you pick up a box like the Blighted Trollkin Marauders and realize that you could probably concuss someone with it if you really wanted to.  Just quick one today, Losties, but it’s time to look at the most flamboyant models the Scharde Isles have to offer… and they’re not even Satyxis.

I’ve commented in the recent past about what a  great job the packers over at Privateer Press are doing, but I’m somewhat boggled at the great job they did packing the Marauders into their clamshell. The resin bodies of the grunts, along with the bases, cram into the main cavity, and the medium cavity runneth over with burning censers being swung on disembodied arms.

The resin bodies we’ve seen before, on the Bloodgorgers, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive, beefy or malevolent.

The unit leader’s resin body is also the same as the Bloodgorgers, but I think just somehow a tad more fabulous.

Now, here’s where the flamboyance comes in. Anyone willing to swing around flaming balls on the end of chains has a metaphorical fire in their soul that just can’t be quenched. These guys have to kill, they have to murder, they have to dance. I’m pretty sure they saw Amon Ad Raza one time and just thought “Damn…”

The even carry spares… and of course, separate heads is just an invitation to mismatching and customization.

And of course, the unit leader gets his own special firebrand and flaming ball on a chain. Also his head has a separate piece for one of the horns – don’t lose it as you’re digging around in the clamshell.

The Blighted Trollkin Marauders are an April release, swinging their flaming censers around your FLGS or preferred online retailer like they’ve got something to prove. Are you game to give them their big chance on stage?