Necromunda: The Fancy Dans – The Daninating

Yes, it’s true, I am down with the dreaded lurgy (look it up). I am full of the sniffles and the coughs and this really not how I wanted to be spending my day off. As my thoughts are rapidly becoming less and less coherent, you get a quick Fancy Dans update today before I loose the ability to spew forth full sentences. Painting time is an uncommon commodity for me, and I’m not an overly fast painter on the best of days, so I’m happy to have been able to finish three more of my Orlocks…

The gag behind the Fancy Dans is that they were all going to have variants on the name “Daniel”, from different cultures, and thus all be Dan’s. Unfortunately, I can’t find the post-it I’d written the list on :/

In yon olden dayes, the Juves in the gang were clearly young teens. Now, they use exactly the same model you’d use for a Ganger, with the only restrictions being with regard to their loadout. This “Juve” – as with the other one – is armed with a combat knife and an autopistol and holy crap I just had a coughing fit and now my ears are ringing.

The Orlocks love their autoguns and autopistols, but they also have good access to combat shotguns. Each gang seems to have their own signature ballistic weapon of choice, and the Fancy Dans enjoy pump action boomsticks.

The starting Fancy Dans roster will include two combat shotguns, and if I’d thought of it I would have given them both bald heads for easier identification. For some reason the Orlock’s combat shotguns use almost identical drum ammunition to the ones for their their autoguns. It’d be embarrassing to find out you’d mixed those up in the middle of a firefight… “Why’s my autogun jammed?? Oh, there’s a shotgun shell hammed in it. Let me just… Oh, hello, Mr Goliath…”

Four models down, four to go. The Fancy Dans are looking forward to pew-pewing up the Underhive.