Severa and the Scharde Pirates

Jake and the Neverland Pirates don’t stand a chance when Severa and her crew of ne’erdowells from the Scharde Isles row into port. Whimsical derring-do doesn’t fare well against an onslaught of pistol fire, hacking blades, and body odor that would put a swamp troll to shame. Today we’re taking a peek at the models for Severa Blacktide and the Scharde Pirates. Won’t you come raid Cygnar’s coastal villages with me?

It seems like a shame to be sharing pics of Severa without other Satyxis models, but at least we’re still keeping the pirate theme going. Severa comes in five components, as shown. Don’t lose that bloody tiny horn when you crack open the blister.

While the pegs and sockets are simply round, the shape of the components around them means they nestle in beautifully. For example the peak of the boot on her right leg slots in perfectly against the shaped thigh. Top of the hat to whomever designed the cuts in this one for casting, she’s a sweet model. Even the recess in her hair for the horn to pop into is generously deep.

I didn’t full assemble her as Lostie Nick’s asked for the honour, so maybe we’ll have a painted one to show you at some point…

The Scharde pirates have been a long time coming. We’ve known for over a decade of the pirates who ride with the black fleets, and until now we’ve had Satyxis, black ogrun and bloodgorger trollkin… but we’ve never had the actual human residents of the Scharde Isles. No more, say Privateer! Have a box full of piratical types!

There’s been a trend lately of model components being exceptionally well sorted and divided into the wells in the clamshells. I, for one, am digging it.

Metal components break down into 9 right arms with hand weapons, 6 left arms with shooty toys,and three daggers to go on hips.

The grunt models themselves include a skinny guy with a man-bun, a hefty guy with no shirt, and some poor pirate lass who’s forgotten that it’s important to protect your toes when on deck – splinters are a thing. In all fairness, the big guy seems oblivious to tetanus risk too, so there’s that. Additional side note, I’m loving that there’s more female rank and file models in most of the units Privateer is releasing nowadays. Even aside from making inroads with regard to gender representation, it means more options to be coopted for IKRPG characters.

When you’re a unit leader, you get to wear a mask. When you’re a unit attachment you get to wear a hat over your mask. A little cleanup’s needed on the resin, but no major mold line controversies, and a great pair of models in general.

Metal components complete each – an axe for the officer, and wickedly jagged sword and boomstick for the unit leader.


Severa Blacktide and the Scharde Pirates are April releases, and are keen to join your Slaughter Fleet. Sail into your FLGS or preferred online retailer’s inbox to get yours.