Blighted Ogrun Theme Force Pt 1: Rotwings and friends

Perhaps one of the sweetest things Privateer Press has been doing in recent times is releasing Theme Force boxes. We all know I dig theme forces, right? Right. The new Theme Force boxes are a solid injection into the game for players new and old. Long time player? Get a theme force box for expansion to your current collection of units, and we’ll toss in some new stuff as well. Brand new to a faction? Heck, this month’s release – the Blighted Ogrun Theme Force – pairs perfectly with the Legion of Everblight battlegroup box to give you a 35 point army. The fact that they’re also a great building point for a Company of Iron list is besides the point 😉

Loaded with Warmongers and a flock of flappy death, today we’re opening up the Theme Force box and having a looksee.

I’ve always considered the Blighted Ogrun to be one of the coolest subthemes within the Legion of Everblight. Twisted Nyss are cool and all, but it’s the Warmongers  and Warspears that appealed to me visually and conceptually. That’s why, many moons ago, when I was painting up a theme force to use as a prize at (then) Templecon, it was a Rhyas theme force with Warmongers, Warspears and two Warchiefs (Warspears pictured to the right, complete with schmexy Dragon Forge bases. I had an image in my head of their being lava field Legion).  They were fun to paint and had a great visual presence.

The new Warmongers are cast in resin, with metal arms so if you’re still super keen on bleeding on your models as part of the process, there’s still a selection of spikes for your consideration.

The resin casts are nice and crisp and hold detail just dandy. I wish I’d had these to paint back in the day, it would have made for  significantly lighter army to carry around 😉

The polearm is just loosely sitting in place here, it’s the same models we knew and loved, but cast in a much sweeter material. That said, of course, don’t file/sand resin. You don’t want to breathing in any little resin particles. Handle your materials safely.

Where you have Warmongers, a War Chief shouldn’t be far away. Aside from giving all Blighted Ogrun within 9″ +1 to their attack rolls, he also grants Blood Drinker, allowing them to heal d3 damage when they successful remove or destroy an enemy model after a melee attack. Keeping hard-hitting, multi-wound models on the board is a thing…

He’d also make a pretty magnificent IKRPG model, mind you. Would the bear pelt set him up for a rivalry with the Northkin Kriels?

Never having assembled a Forsaken model before, I had no idea they had a badass spine piece that was also her crest and tail. Eat your heart out, Lara Croft.

Speaking of things with wings, one of the two “new release” items in the Theme Force are the Blighted Rotwings.  As the Blighted Ogrun march through the mountains of the North at the behest of their draconic master, these twisted carrion eaters circle the doomed and swoop in to tear chunks of flesh from the wounded and dying. Their very presence can unnerve the most stalwart warrior as looming thoughts of their own death shatter the defensive focus of their prey.

The entire unit, of course, comes with flight stands… except for the head bird, who gets to be lazy and sit on a rock.

There are two different casts of wings for the grunts – one straight out and one curved in – though of course some careful bending will give you the variety you might want.

For bodies you have leg-down-mouth-shut, leg-down-mouth-open, and legs-up-mouth-open. Oh, and the geier– bonus points if you know what that means without looking it up – all splayed out and stuff.

You will need to clip the tab from the back of the wings, and the one from the spine of your rotwings – but beyond that, mix and match bodies and wings to your heart’s content. Your evil, twisted, blighted heart’s content.


There’s one model left in the Blighted Ogrun theme force, but he’s kind of a big deal, so I wanted to give him his own post. Wednesday, people!

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  1. Nice, if I was still playing I’d grab a box, the Legion of Everpool was all blighted ogrunses!