Blighted Ogrun Theme Force Pt 2: Gorag Rotteneye

Welcome back! Today, in a very special episode of Webster, we… wait, no, we’re looking at Blighted Ogrun still, not flashbacks to family TV sitcoms from the 80’s… Damn I’m old. We started our gander at the Blighted Ogrun Theme Force box on Monday, and went through every model in the box bar one. Granted, as model counts go this box doesn’t have the raw numbers of some of the others, but in all fairness it *is* full of medium-based infantry.  After looking at the Warmongers, War Chief Forsaken and the Rotwings, it’s time to look at Gorag.

Gorag Rotteneye was once a regular ole’ Ogrun, living up in the snow and the mountains, until Everblight “graced” his people with blighted power, grotesque mutations and all being a mere side effect of the new strength flowing through their veins. Oh, and his model comes in five components.

Anyway, Gorag’s “blessing” gave him really bad pink-eye or something, and Gorag just rubbed and scratched and eventually the pain became unbearable, and Gorag gouged out his own eye in a fit of pain and anger. Also, the resin cast is gorgeous.

Now, tearing out your own eyeball is, generally speaking, a pretty extreme response to a migraine, but end result was a channel for more of Everblight’s power. Turns out the eyeball was plugging up the socket through which Everblight was trying to channel oomph. The resin backbanner has a small peg centered on the backplate, but makes good contact with the furs and shoulder armour for additional contact points when gluing.

Whenever Gorag casts his gaze on a foe, well, imagine a focussed ray of nuclear radiation or something. Blight seeps through the socket, and and what you end up with is an impressive field of vision where any enemy model has difficulty raising their defenses. An 8″ LOS arc DEF debuff. Just… yick. The puckered eye socket is the one under the bigger horn, painters. OSL is totally justified.

Aaand once you put him all together, that’s what you get. The components are such that fully assembling won’t significantly hamper brush access to any portion of the model, and as 8 Health Command Attachments go, he’s a solid centerpiece for your Blighted Ogrun battle line.

Gorag Rotteneye is a May release from Privateer Press, along with the entire Blighted Ogrun Theme Force box. Git sum.