I choose you: Everblight’s Chosen Centaur thingies

So nerd confession time. Of all the wondrous creatures of mythology, centaurs are one of my very favourite. I’m pretty sure it’s not just some manifestation of a youthful desire for a pony, given my childhood experiences with horses, but I even remember in the nascent days of the interwebs, participating in online rpg fiction, with a centaur being my preferred character. I won’t say his name in case there’s still evidence out there, cos no-one needs to read that drivel. but centaur (and centaur-esque) concepts have always appealed. Even Cryx’s Soulhunters, to some extent, though they are all gross and undeady. Roll it forward to Kallus, Devastation of Everblight, and you have a half-dragon, half-golem of sorts, and now with the fleshing out (hah!) of the Blighted Ogrun, the Chosen of Everblight – half Ogrun, half Dragonspawn – are preparing to invade the Southern kingdoms.

Pathfinding Cavalry with 8 wounds and Tough, the Chosen are set to be a centerpiece unit, both visually and tactically. Never mind that with Brutal Charge, they’re functionally MAT 9 when you send them in. That they can move 10″ per turn without running or charging – thanks to a 7″ base move and 3″ reposition – means they’ll mosey over the battlefield in fairly short order, and it’s going to be a challenge to even whittle them down with ranged attacks before they get wherever they need to be, with a decent ARM and their Rapid Healing mitigating all but the most ardent of incoming arrows. Can’t even evaporate them with Hyperion’s glittergun, due to their large base size.

The renders also look outstanding, with meaty polearms complementing the enormous talons of their dragonspawn feet. Now, the real question remains – how does their anatomy work? Is there a heart in the upper Ogrun torso as well as in the Spawn body? Two different rib cages, or one continuous rib cage that hinges 90 degrees? And how long before we’re given the all-clear to use these monstrosities (not Monstrosities, that’s a Cephalyx thing) in Company of Iron?

How long before we see a force consisting of Kallus, two units of these, and a selection of warbeasts?

Hrm…bearing in mind that this is purely for visual impact and not looking for any practical synergy…

Kallus, Devastation of Everblight +28
– Carnivean 18
– Ravagore 16
– Ammok the Truthbearer 4
Chosen (5) – 20
Chosen (5) – 20

The bigger warbeasts share the claw aesthetic with the Chosen and Kallus. Yes, Ammok’s the slow man on the totem pole, but all he has to do to grant Kallus the benefit of his Spiritual Conduit is job along and keep within 10″ of his boss. Also, a 50pt list from 14 models, none of them Colossals or Gargantuans, isn’t too shabby.

Who’s going to be the first person to play a centaur themed Legion list in a steamroller? I’m looking at you, JVM…



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  1. Avatar BorderPrince
    BorderPrince says:

    “with Brutal Charge, they’re functionally MAT 9 when you send them in” – Brutal Charge adds to the damage roll, not the attack roll. So they’re P+S15 on the charge. They really don’t need enhanced MAT on the charge because they’re cavalry, with the lovely 3d6 charge attack roll already.

    But I guess that just adds to the appeal of some great models!