Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff & The Bombardier Officer

Now that Lock & Load is done for another year, and we’re still got a little time to Get Hype ™ for GenCon, it’s time to have a few posts about people in impractically large armour that trade in what would seem to be logical proportionality for damn freaking coolness: Man-O-Wars! We’re going to open the triptych with Kommandant Sorscha Kratikoff and the Man-O-War Bombardier Officer. One’s a warcaster with a heart of ice who recently lost her boyfriend to the Empress; The other has a chainsaw-mortar and a bossy attitude. They fight crime! Or at least, Cygnar. They fight Cygnar.

Both of these models are exceptionally easy to assemble, in no small part to the beautiful one-piece resin casting of the main bodies. A few channels/plugs to clip off, but just plain gorgeous.

Sorscha has ditched her usual, more curvy armour, for sturdy Man-O-War plating. Wascasters get custom-made armour, though it says something about the rest of the Khadoran Man-O-War corps that hers is the first one I’ve see, that actually approximates a waist. It’s almost like the Mechaniks of Khador expect their Man-O-War pilots to all have potbellies.

Sorscha’s metal components can all pivot on round connections, though  you will want to like the left hand up so that her swivel-mounted hip cannon connects. I’m a huge fan of the Forge Seer as a Man-O-War model, but with this month’s releases it’s dropped from first place to third. Sorscha here comes in second.

The Bombardier Commander is similarly easy to assemble, the bulk of the model being one piece. Just a head, loin armour, arm (with chainsaw mortar) and a handle for the boomstick coming in as separate components.

The arm joins flat under the shoulderpad, so you can slide it back and forth a little but there’s no option for pivoting. Yes, I clipped a resin tag off the back of that shoulderpad. No, I didn’t clean it up with a knife afterwards. Yes, I’m a bad hobbyist.

Everything pops on nicely, you can tilt the handle to suit your preference, and bam: Your Bombardiers just gained access to Pathfinder, Quick Work, and mini-feat that’ll let them shoot twice if they aim.

Sorscha and her new buddy are on shelves at FLGS’s and preferred online vendors, like, right now. Why haven’t you added them to your collection yet. Do you not love the Motherland?!? Report for termination, Citizen!