Atanas Arcanovich (and pal!)

Hey, remember how I said we were doing a Man-O-War triptych? Hah! Fooled you! I totally remembered that Paint The Target was going to interrupt it all along! Oh, you gullible folks, I have fooled you with my cleverness and total awareness of what date it was when I started this thing… Yes, that’s it… After last week’s look at Sorscha3 and the Tanker, it’s time to take a quick look at Kommandant Fancypants himself, Atanas Arcanovich, and his slightly less ornate, standard-bearing pal.

Following the trend of the other June Man-O-War releases, the component count on each model is low and the detail is tres shiny.

The standard bearer some comes in five components and assembly couldn’t be easier. Remember when we used to have to consider replacing banner poles with brass rods? This makes me so much happier…

Yes,yes, there’s some channels/plugs to be clipped off… but the Standard Bearer’s armour is ornamented just that little bit. Not overly ostentatious when compared to his boss, but just that little bit more badass than normal. I mentioned that I had a new favourite Man-O-War, this is it.

The shoulders are simple ball joints, and the shoulderpads rest on top to hide the joins. If I was making a custom Man-O-War model for IKRPG, I’d probably go with this fellow.

Kommandant Arcanovich comes in six pieces, just to outdo the Standard Bearer.

Much more ostentatious, the fiigreed detail on the armour – and the gun –  is sweet, but it’s the detail on the capelet that I love the most. The folds, the tassels…. it’s just a great aspect of the model.

The sabre arm pops on flush to the recessed elbow joint, and his armoured loin plate comes with a bonus thigh hose.

Finally, ostentatious shoulder pads. Ornate and filigreed and a clear example that *someone* has the favour of whoever’s budgeting for the Mechaniks who make the armour…

Kommandant Arcanovich and his pal are in stores. If you’re into looking just that bit fancierthan all your pals marching to war in your steamsuits, you should contact your FLGS or preferred online vendor.