Crucible Guard: Athanor Locke and the Toro Kit

Warmachine & Hordes have their core factions, but the minifactions that have been released in recent years – factions with a full range of models but somewhat more compartmentalized conceptually, such as the Cephalyx and Grymkin – have captured our attention and made it possible to enjoy a completely different style of playing the games we love without having to fall down the rabbit hole into a full faction. These minifactions can explore entire themes and ideas that don’t necessarily fit 100% into the core factions. In the case of the Crucible Guard… let’s have an entire faction of militarized alchemists!

I’m heading to Indianapolis for GenCon this week, but with Crucible Guard models dropping this month (and on sale at GenCon at Privateer’s booth!) let’s not put the blog on hiatus while I’m away. Rather, let’s have a look-see at what engineers, alchemists and mad scientists can do…

Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke swings into battle with an exoskeleton. Perhaps channeling her inner Ripley, she’s taken the concept of powered warcaster armour up a notch.

The bulk of the models is three beautifully cast pieces of resin, with a metal arm, head, and some fingers, for added pinchiness.

While still steam-powered like most warcaster armour in Iron Kingdoms, Locke’s armour is built to take advantage of Jackhammer and, much to my personal entertainment, Engine of Destruction. Given that she plays for both Crucible Guard and Convergence, there’s lot of potential for her to employ Redline as well.

Her arms – both her natural arm and her armature – fit into squared sockets to keep everything in alignment.

Each of the armatures have a socket for one of the metal fingers

As usual, I haven’t done much cleanup on the models so the remnants of the resin plug interfere with a flush join, but… make sure you test-fit the armatures to make sure you get the right one on the right side!

The Toro has long been a staple of the Ordic military, but the Crucible Guard are responsible for its design, and as such it joins the Vindicator and Supperssor as one of the three heavy warjacks available to our rogue alchemists.

As with the other heavy warjack multi-kits, the Toro kit comes with sprues for the shared components, and then smaller sprues with the components unique to each build.

Shared component sprue #1…

… and sprue #2, with an awful lot of little fiddly bits.

The Toro unique sprue includes shield and stabby pointy thing. I get the concept of a reinforced tip on your blade, but I have to wonder how it would impact the slashing potential of the blade. Somebody call Forged In Fire.

The Suppressor is all about punching along with an array of spray nozzles that can douse a target with flame, a corrosive agent, or a freezing agent. Sounds to me like it’s built to perform dental work on Dire Trolls.

The Vindicator – which really sounds like it should be a Protectorate warjack, just sayin’ – uses its steam boiler to pump alchemical shells from its cannon, including a psychoactive gas. These guys aren’t kidding around when it comes to chemical warfare.


Both Locke and the warjack kit hit FLGS’s and your preferred online vendors this month, and they’ll also be available in limited supply at GenCon. Are you ready to harness the Philosopher’s Stone?