October Releases

Continuing off the last two posts talking about sculpts, we’ve had the renders and some of the painted models for October’s Warmachine and Monsterpocalypse releases drop. Naturally, the list is dominated by Crucible Guard models who are all-to-eager to beat the Khadorans out of Llael but I would hope they were wise enough to recognize Menoth’s will in the presence of the Northern Crusade, but heck, these disposessed Llaelese, who knows… In the meantime – MODELS!

“I want YOU for the Northern Crusade!” – which would be exceedingly alarming words to hear from the Hand of Silence, given that he’s taken an oath of… well, silence…

Crucible Guard Infantry get sweet welding helmets… and no fancy unit name.

Following the Chewbacca principle, Crucible Guard Mechanics weld so as to show up better on camera when enacting repairs in low light conditions.

Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray is in no way an Eel… but I’ll be referring to him as such anyway.

The Vulcan lays rubber… Vulcanized rubber… VROOM VROOM!

Bonus points to the first person who names their Rocketman Ace Rimmer.

Eilish has been one of the most sought after models on the secondary market after his initial model was released via No Quarter (I say Initial, but Undercity was already out there ;)). The new general release is pretty schmexy too.

Zor-Maxim unleashes a roundhouse kick on behalf of the Shadow Sun Syndicate. Monsterpocalypse is getting ninja-ier.

S-Type Shinobis roll out with an interceptor.

Sun Fighters peel down from the clouds to protect the Shadow Gate

Meanwhile, Cthugrosh wants to touch you with his noodly appendage. What, you didn’t see the link between the Lords of Cthul and the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

The Task Master sends forth a wave of Spitters… Why yes, they do appear to be infant Sarlacc’s

Much like Pratchett’s Sock-Eater,the Squix flap about siphoning lost socks… along with pretty much anything else they can. The Meat Slave is still waiting for a new season of Firefly.


Hand of Silence naturally has my attention, but – and I’ll never admit this to the Scrutators – the idea of painting some of those Lords of Cthul has me very intrigued. I’m very intrigued to kick tires for the new Monsterpocalypse stuff come GenCon…


One Response to October Releases

  1. The Hand of Silence is such a fantastic model.
    I already have a scheme plotted out or him.
    Death rides a pale horse…