Paint The Target

Did you keep the sun off your head throughout June? Heatstroke is a serious issue, and the temperatures around the Gdaycave have been ridiculous. June’s Target was hoods, hats and helmets – all good for fending of the baleful rays of the dreaded daystar! Let’s see what shiny goodness we got this month…

We start with pRophaniti’s Cypher model. I played Dark Angels back in ye olden dayes, it’s neat to see the old bean playing a significant role in the fluff. Also, paintjob is schmexy.

Simon hit us with a double play – Cowboys and Chibis!

TKKultist has creeped me out with this one, but damn, that’s a fine hat…

VoltRon submitted his Tidecaster, but there’s something fishy about his entry…

Yaum is a machine… Apparently a GuildBall machine! Stoker and Decimate… I wonder if this is the first time we’ve seen a beret?

Arakius70’s feeling the rhythm with Sloth and Gluttony

ChrisW sent in a Cypher as well, but upped it with Captain FancyArmour here!

Dieson’s Mechaniks got an armoured upgrade.

Drew consistently makes me want to throw away my brushes… but he’s such an encouraging lad that I’d hate to stop painting and never become the painter that he believes that I can one day become. (*wipes away a tear*)

Mike from Epic Duck wants to lay the hammer down. The Mirrored City’s about to get shattered.

Hiding Easter Eggs is important. The druids of the Circle Orboros understand this. So does Hysteresis.

Patches thought we needed more skulls.



With a fine nogginshield, this month’s winner is… Epic Duck Mike!!! Gratz, you win something from the LH Prize Pool! Send me an address at and I’ll get something in the mail for you!


This month sees the release of the new Soul Wars core set for Age of Sigmar, with all of its floaty nighthaunts, and that had me thinking of undead shenaniganry… but the undead and the immortal aren’t always abundant in our piles of unpainted shame. So instead of souls, what say we flip it to soles? We did hats last month, this time it’s all about the boots. I don’t care if we’re talking armoured steelcapped feet or ballet flats, but I don’t want to see any bare feet! Of course, if your model doesn’t HAVE feet, that works too… No feet means no toes! Souls or Soles, get to work!

Send in your pics of newly painted shinies to by Noon EST, July 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end.