Crucible Guard Army Box Pt 1: Syvestro, Assault Troopers…

The Crucible Guard have smashed their way onto the scene, spraying alchemical concoctions all over the place. Truth be told, it’s actually pretty messy. The Army Box has so many nifty new things to show that we’re splitting it up into two parts. One you get today, the other you’ll get next Friday. No, you don’t get them back to back – there’s more GenCon photodumps to share! For now, let’s look at Syvestro, the Assault Troopers, and a couple of other pieces from the box.

The Crucible Guard Army Box is chock full of new sweetness!

Two Clamshells, two blisters, two plastic jack packs.

We looked at the Toro/Suppressor/Vindicator kit last week so we won’t crack these just now, but it’s worth noting that each pack can only be built for one result. You get a Suppressor and a Vindicator, no Toro parts.

Today’s clamshell yields an all resin Gorman di Wulfe, Aurum Adeptus Syvestro, and the Assault Troopers.

The Rogue Alchemist, Gorman Di Wulfe, is identical to the metal sculpt we’ve known and loved for over a decade. Now he just weighs a lot less, molded in resin rather than metal.

Syvestro is largely made from a single piece of resin, with his head/mask, left forearm, and arcantric turbine in metal.

Syvestro comes with an array of beakers, vials, and other tools, along with a plume of … something. Or, perhaps, he’s been gardening and is really proud of his begonias? Bonus points to the first person to paint the vial and plume as a vase and flowers.

Everything sirs neatly in place, with the only room for interpretation being the angle of the side tines on the turbine.

Fully assembled to show you the niftiness, though there’s still some cleanup to be done.

The Assault Troopers have resin bodies with three poses – two each of the grunts, and one of the unit leader.

The first grunt has his feet planted firm. The second, stalking forward. The unit leader wasn’t sure if the napalm was smelling quite right so has lifted his visor to make sure it’s burny enough.

The arms are paired up nicely without having to worry about two-handed grips.

We’ll take a look at the rest of the box next Friday, but one way or another the value in this box is outstanding, the resin is lovely, and damn if it isn’t nice to see an entire army that won’t break our back when you’re carting it around,

More to come!