Crucible Guard Army Box Pt 2: Rocketmen, Dragon’s Breath…

Oh, there you are! You’ve been so patient, thank you for coming back for part 2 of the Crucible Guard Army Box unboxing. Last week, in Part One we looked at Syvestro and the Assault Troopers, with a bonus quick peek at the two heavy warjacks and all-resin Gorman di Wulfe. Today we’re going over the remainder of the box, including the Rocketmen and the Dragon’s Breath Rocket artillery piece.

As a reminder, here’s you get in the box. Frankly, a ridiculous amount of Alchemical Soldiery.

The Trancer is the sole all-metal model in the entire box. If he spins around fast enough he slaps you with the sleeves, and leaves you disoriented. What? He’s actually got a psychokinetic blast? Man, I misread that entirely…

The Rocketmen are lean, mean, and almost dapper. The ribs on their flight suits are ripe for all sorts of amazing painting. Three identical sprues each have three troopers and a Gunner weapon attachment, while the fourth has both the unit leader and the Rocketman Captain,

Each Rocketman – including the leader and the captain here – has two holes on their back. The upper is for the jetpacks, the lower for their flight stands. As much as the idea of a rocket belt is entertaining don’t mix them up.

It’s almost like a conga line! Each Rocketman’s suit is insulated to protect them from loose particles and the temperatures they’ll endure as they whiz through the sky. No, a Demolisher’s cannon shell does not count as a “loose particle”.

The jetpacks are identical. Don’t forget to test-fit your carbines before gluing them in place.

Now, the Combat Alchemists!

The unit leader has been favored by Crucible Command to actually be a one-piece model. The grunt have identical bodies, but you can mix and match the arms as you see fit.

I have to wonder how much tweaking it’d take to turn that into a rocketpack too…

The sculpts are nice and clean, and a clear proponent of fanny packs being worn over the posterior. Fashion plates,these guys.

You can mix and match the arms as you choose, giving you a different look per model. I went for “Go long!”…

… and “Throw it to First!” It also occurs that these would be superb models for IKRPG alchemists.

When you’ve worked out the alchemical formula for weaponized halitosis, it only makes sense to put it in rockets so that it can be launched across a battlefield.

With the exception of a single book, the entire kit is resin.

The Merwyn Birdspotters finally came into their own and received the respect they felt was their due when everyone realized they had the best binoculars.

Now, imagine that’s a barbarian, holding an enormous ham hock. no reason, I just thought it’d make an entertaining visual 😉

This fellow may be my favorite part of the model. He’s so dedicated to getting it right that even though he looks like he’s in a sort of weird variation of an old diving suit…

… he still wants to make sure he’s got the math right.

Five pieces come together to make the launcher, though in all fairness two of those are wheels.

A little clipping is required to make it all come together properly, but it’s a straightforward assembly… which is more than I can say for the job of their opponent’s medical corps, putting the wounded back together.


The Crucible Guard Army Box is an amazing way to get your start with this year’s new army. The models are great, their rules are intriguing, and you get to paint a whole bunch of welding helmets in the mix – it’s win-win! Bug your FLGS and dip your toes in… just not in that bucket over there, that’s acid.