Crucible Guard Reinforcements

Alembics tumble, shattering on the floor as the heavy tread of warjacks charging to war . The Crucible Guard aren’t messing around, and they’ve got the pickaxes, cannons, and that one robot dude to prove it! August added the Storm Troopers to the ranks,and Prospero looms over all and sundry by virtue of being a really tall robot dude. Strap on the gasmasks, you alchemical soldiers, it’s time to unbox August’s Crucible Guard additions just in time for the end of the month…

The Storm Troopers share body sculpts with the Assault Troopers, though they trade hammers for military pick axes and pneumatic concussion cannons (*boom!*)

Just as handsome as their Assault Trooper brethren

Pneumatic Concussion Cannons bring POW14 booms…

And a selection of pick axes give them something to jab you with. While the cannon arms are identcal, pay attention to the shoulders on the pick axe arms to make sure you get the right one on the unit leader.

Now, Prospero’s an interesting piece for both his rules and his model. A towering construct with a human mind, Prospero is a spellcaster with some warjack tricks up his sleeve.

Long, lean, and ready to kick butt… once you glue the other leg on.

Part of me pictures the Iron Giant and imagines him stalking around swinging fists into things, and his exothermic pulse doesn’t entirely dissuade me, but man, he’s built to saunter forth with a squad of warjacks as their commander…

For height comparison, Prospero towers over Cyreniam, and is almost as tall as her raised standard. She clearly needs higher standards.

… see what I did there? 😉