GenCon Photodump 5: Models and Boards

Tired of the GenCon photodumps yet? We’re almost done, I promise. There’s just so much to see at GenCon – I’m dumping photos all over the place and there’s still so many things that I didn’t take a pic of, or that the pic I *did* take wasn’t clear enough to share… Today we’re looking at miniatures and battlefields. Models that were on display by manufacturers, models from painting competitions, and some of the bloody gorgeous tabletops that were available to play on. It’s a reminder to schlubs like myself how much a difference a great set of scenery can make, and just how much talent there is out there waving brushes and army mans. Pics are in no particular order, a bunch of them I have no idea what they even are, but here they are for your viewing pleasure one way or another. Enjoy!

This year’s Iron Arena had some outstanding tables, though I’m still waiting for Danny Samuels to build the Monastery of the Order of the Fist for me… 😉

Little known fact: Iron Kingdoms architects pioneered flat-peak housing for dice storage.

I got yer dragon right here, buddy!

Lava rock monster, one of the brothers from Big Trouble In Little China, and Mortimer Toynbee…

Why yes, friend, I *am* interested in seeing your new Star Wars Legion models…

“And then he showed me his wookiee”

Hey, Paolo! You been modelling at your 501st events?

Bringer of Con Crud…

Some of the model names assigned were way off base and entertaining, including…

“Guy with Octopus”. I’m sure GW’s marketing dept felt that kidney punch. That said, BLUE RING!!!!

Still my favourite Trollblood warlock, and one of my favourite PP pins.

Unless I’m mistaken, this is the Aristaea model…

Better Red Than Annyfing Else! Red ones go fastah!

Come on, he’s named Kraken, I *had* to get a pic…

Okay, so I don’t know if there’s some super secret club out there or if it’s seen as a painting rite of passage, but has everyone but me painted this guy?!?

He’s looking for his car, but it got “toad”… hee hee

If a dirigible is angled nose down like this, I don’t think it’s going to be in the air much longer.

So Kurnoth Hunters… are they from Kurnoth and they hunt, are they made of Kurnoth and they hunt, do they hunt Kurnoths?

Over in the Corvus Belli booth, Infinity demo tables showcase just what can be done with terrain, from stacked buildings…

… to two guys with no cover whatsoever who are about to get shot up real bad.

Steamforged had the Falconers Guild box painted and on display…

… and Games & Gears had their GenCon 50 resins set up in a sweet diorama.

Over at Arena Rex the Helleniki stride forth to bring some damn culture to the arena!

Giga-Robo had… giga-robots?

DUST had armies on display…

Including giant robot mecha!

And Ninjas!

And a laser tank!

And people playing games! … Wait, those weren’t for sale…

That moment when you realize you accidentally loaded Nickolodeon Slime into your magelocks instead of bullets

One of those moons as a language program that recites Spanish phrases to her in her sleep.

If you’re going to build a massive fortification for gaming shenanigans for Warmachine players, detail matters.

You know, like a gate that actually has locks. It’s a thing when it comes to keeping out barbarian hordes.

Volcanic plugs or stalagmites? Why not both?!?

This is actually the table from the very first pic in the blog post.

Company of Iron wasn’t left out either, with tables for the Northern Kriels…

… and those wacky druids of the Circle Orboros.

Cygnaran factory? Convergence facility? Karchev’s rec room?

Mock his hat. It makes him rage.

There’s a particularly vicious koi in there, I’m sure of it.

I really liked the creative take on this one, converting Guild Ball’s Salvo into a Green Lantern

A sweet study in OSL

“Did you close the door, hon? We don’t want mosquitoes to get in…”

The moment before he hits the tree….

Oh, Mark… your plague-ridden eggmarines are amazing.

It’s a werewolf gunslinger in a kilt, what more do you want? Ariadna is one of the most popular factions in Infinity for a reason.

This is why you don’t feed your Roomba after midnight…

I question the effectiveness of an axe with freely spinning blades as part of its cutting edge. I mean, there’s no doubt it’d savage an opponent, but still…

How many blades do you really need??

Are your gums bleeding? 9 out of 10 dentists recommend Khorne!”

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it… Shoshie paints better than I do…

“Sorry cap’n, can’t fix it! This one’s bust!”

Possibly the single most terrifying model seen at GenCon…

Visited briefly with the Wander folks with Panda Cult Games, who were happily promoting The Cult of Barnacle Bay.

This guy wasn’t even shown as a prototype last year. Now he’s here in all his pinkness!

The heroes remain some of the coolest anthropomorphic animal characters out there. Yes, there’s a kangaroo. No, I’m not biased.

And we end today’s photodump with King Ross. A wonderful tribute model to a good man.

More GenCon photos to come! We’re almost done, I promise…