GenCon Photodump 6: Miscellany

Ahoi hoi, thrillseekers. There’s still some unboxings and the like to come from Gencon, but given that the month is almost out, I thought we’d get the last major photodump done. Not everything at GenCon is about Cosplay or Warmachine or Cosplaying Warmachine. Sometimes it’s just all sorts of random magical experiences and really neat things seen. Photodumps like todays are not only a catalog of events to help me remember what happened when I look back at the post in my frail dotage, but also a chance to share with you the nifty. Enjoy.

Yes, there was cheese. I make no apologies – I like cheese.

Every year Ninja Steve and I choose a miniature game and say we’ll play it, to help motivate us to assemble and paint models. Neither of us completed the hobby side this year, but for the first time we actually played the game we’d discussed! My Space Marines, with one completely painted model, played against his Tau, most them without arms, to secure a wood-surfaced sugar refinery. The Emperor loves glucose, donchaknow.

We even got in a little D&D… ignore the Star Wars screen. I played a halfling, not a shaved ewok, I promise.

The Admiral, The Ninja, The Bloke. It’s GenCon time!

Lining up we see a sign that tells me I need to buy 5-Minute Marvel. Yes, sign, I obey.

Milling about and waiting for the doors to open…

WHOO! Let’s see all the things!

Chessex’s dice bin just waiting to boost someone’s collection.

Upper Deck’s cabana did not have a swim-up bar. I think an opportunity was missed.

We aim to misbehave…

Agatha and Ben were thrilled to see me! Or kinda blase. It’s hard to tell.

Leatherbound books to advertise your personal fandom…

It’s a tower of King Of Tokyo! (*destroys it with Gorghadra*)

The Corvus Belli booth was full of all sorts of Infinity and Aristeia goodies

Convention exclusive, you say…

Brass geegaws of all shapes and sizes!

I was tempted… the Whovian in me wants all of the sourcebooks just to line up on my bookshelf.

So you want to learn calligraphy… Let’s start with cursive,and then bring in the dip pen…

Not available for sale, but the Navigators were there to tempt me. I mean, come on! The Lost Hemisphere logo is a rete from an astrolabe! Navigation is hard-coded into the Lost Hemi

The cooks were also on display but the glass reflection made it hard to focus. That said, does that one player on the left have a pizza paddle?

Over at the Games & Gears booth, they’ve introduced grass tufts to enhance your bases.

I’m not sure if gluing Lonelymonk to your bases will enhance them or not.

My copy of Atlas Animalia arrived at the Gdaycave after I’d already hit the road to GenCon. Would have loved to have brought it with me to be signed. Metal Weave continues to produce absolutely wonderful rpg supplements.

Simon was working a little out of his usual genre. Mmm sugary…

Can you still keep a finger on the last page and go back if you don’t like the result of your last choice?

Demo teams are among the hardest workers at conventions. We thank you for all you do.

D&D gateway boardgame maybe…

Battletech continues to pull on nostalgia strings. Personally I’ll get my giant robot smashy fix from Monsterpocalypse, but I have respect for the giant robot games that have come before.

Everyone pored over the instruction manuals but couldn’t figure out where to put the k-cups, or where the coffee would come from.

Dicewraith, this is your new thing, isn’t it?

Why yes, you totally can make a battlegroup out of a warlock, a Mountain King, a Sea King and a Glacier King…

His legacy may be dark, but he brightens my day.

Blizzard’s presence was something of a surprise, but their booth was gorgeous.

Lots of cool swag for WoW, Overwatch and Hearthstone fans.

What happens when balloon artists are left unsupervised at conventions…

Fancy tables are becoming quite the thing for the discerning gamer with a significant disposable income. Platforms, drink holders, mouspad surfaces for quite rolling…

I love the idea of playing around one of these tables – minis games or rpgs – but the price point is significant.

GW was on site demoing Kill Team, 40K, AoS and more.

Hail Hydra?

So these chips were actually invites to a launch party. A great tie-in, I tip my hat to the marketer.

Ral Partha are one of the grand-dads of the miniature gaming industry. My inner really-old nerd squeed a little.

I may or may not have dug through the bins of metal to find a small rat for one of my PC’s to use as her familiar…

Laser-cut terrain was also available from a variety of vendors.

I don’t know what this game is, but it involved ramps and cars. I don’t think Hot Wheels were involved. Yet.

Cardhalla ascended…

I’m not sure if this is actually a good doggo…

Collapsible dice trays!

Accents for your steampunk costume. In case it’s not quite stabby enough.

So yes, I picked up 5-Minute Marvel. Yes, this is a minion card in the game. I cannot express how chuffed I was to see this.

Battlefleet Gothic’s scale is a little off

On the left, the standee. On the upper right, the display board. On the lower right, the actual game. Size matters.


In the middle of the gaming hall, a display… I had to spin the wheel.

Floor-scale Game of Thrones Settlers of Catan

The background hubbub in the Pathfinder hall was deafening… so much fun being had

Cardhalla continues to ascend…


Twister’s evolved rather weirdly.


Is it he game Gotham deserves?

Yann *is* the Brute Squad.

I feel like we’re three different stages of the same Pokemon…

The Dice Tower podcast? Don’t mind if I do.

Even classic games like Axis & Allies are enjoyed in the fast-paced, bustling world of GenCon

Warmachines! Hordes! #SoMuchGrymkin

That’s the Hand of Fate. Right there. The other hand is less concerned with destiny’s plan for you.

I’m imagining this board painted. Like, neon.

Such class. Much wow. Hi Doug! Hi James!

Making friends everywhere I go…

So moment of coolness; the woman in the center of the pic was signing what was being said, for the hearing impaired. So cool.

I know nothing about this game but it looks pretty…

Craig finally eats a Tim Tam.

Over in Wyrd’s booth, terrain pieces! Accent your gaming experience!

This year’s nightmare box (you may recall last year’s was “Crazy cat lady” themed) had a series of somewhat recognizable equines

I kinda want to make a Super Dungeon Explore board out of these one day

Lludu and Cthulhu!

Brush your teeth, kids, or your nose will fall off. Ben’s Borka looked amazing.

No Foolin’

Killian and Nicolle got to meet Lludu. They were a little starstruck.

If you ain’t bringin’ a giant spider with you, are you really Drow?

Dragoon was a fun game of dragons squabbling over territory and burning down villages.

When genres collide…

Oversized Battletech!

Elderwood’s dice towers, story boxes and trays were super pretty.

Dwarvenforge terrain, for when you really want to blow your players’ minds.

Seriously. This stuff is gorgeous.

They had several boards for different settings on display.

They were a little protective of their displays. I mean, reasonably so….

And the last nerdy thing we did was try out a game that had sold out… You think you’re a smith?


That’s the last of the official photodumps from GenCon. There’s more stuff to unbox and showcase yet, but damn. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all the things!