The Exemplars of August

We’ve had a busy month of photodumps in the aftermath of GenCon, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new shinies to show you! Oh no, you faithful adherent of Menoth’s True Law, don’t despair! Strap on your pauldrons, the Exemplars march to war! Cyrenia strides forth as High Exemplar, and the Warders hoist their consecrated halberd and the Cinerators are supported by their officers. Time to distribute the Heirarch’s mandate across Caen…

We’ll start with the theme force box. With the Exemplar Cinerator Officer in the box, you know you’re getting a unit of the Cinerators themselves, and it’d hardly be an Exemplar Theme Force without some core Knights Exemplar. These are the older models we know and love to smite heretics with, so there’s no need to crack these boxes.

In the clamshell you’ll find an officer for each of the units, and the Warder. The Knight Exemplar officer is a known model as well, but the Cinerator Officer and Warder are new and shiny.

The Warder is a three piece, metal and resin model. The Shield and Halberd arms both cross over the body when assembled – bear that in mind when prepping to assemble and paint.

I don’t know why but that helmet just looks that much more… malevolent… than the Knights Exemplar helms…

The Cinerator Officer comes with cape and bonus tassles. The pauldrons and thigh armour are separate components, but only the sword arm is metal.

The cape adds some awesome fwoosh, as Rocket Donkey would say. The edge trim is gorgeous.

Nice and clean, with no icky mold lines across the plates. These should be a delight to paint.

And then there’s the lady… Cyrenia is one resin piece, three metal.

The detail is gorgeous. Bonus points to the first person who paints the sash as Tom Baker’s scarf. The exhausts from her arcantric turbine being already attached to the model was a pleasant surprise.

All three metal components are nice and crisp. That said, I’d recommend pinning the banner arm at least, and you may want tweezers to position the head in its cradle between the pauldrons.

Assembled, she’s just a sweet looking piece. I’m looking forward to painting her down the line. I mean, I’m painting Monsterpocalypse right now, but there’s some Exemplar goodness in my future.

The Exemplar Theme Force and Cyrenia are both August releases. You should get them.