SCA: Fall Coronation 2018

 It’s been awhile, but guess who got to go to an SCA event this past weekend? Oh, that’s right, it meeee… The reign of Baldric and Breyla has come to a close, and it was time for their heirs, Evander and Marioun, to assume the thrones and lead the Kingdom of Ealdormere through the Northern winter. Of course, there was a significant amount of pomp and circumstance, many awards were granted, and much good nerding was had. Accordingly, you get to enjoy the photodump. Lookit me, sharing the love!

I arrived just as court was starting, so spent most of court lurking at the back…

Lady Meredyth was awarded a Maiden’s Heart for her service! She dedicates so much of her time to working in kitchens at events, it was super neat to see her recognized. No, I don’t know where her shoes are.

Check it!

Rob hung out at the back with me for a bit. He wasn’t in garb yet, so I can use his mundane name with impunity. That said… Do you see that shirt? OCTOPUS SHIRT!

Augusta was in garb, so I have to use her Scadian name. One of the most entertaining things for me in the SCA is that there are people in our kingdom that I’ve known for *years* at this point, and I still don’t know what their real names are, they only have their Scadian names in my head. Flipside, there are Scadians who only know me as Graham. It’s somewhat trippy when someone emails you to your personal email, because you’re interacting with them on a project or somesuch, and you each know each other’s real name, but it still feels weird to use names other than our SCA name! I’m looking at you, Duchess Arlette 😉

Ersebet was granted the Award of the Orion for her constant work creating sweet stuff and sharing it with others. She’s given amazing stuff to the kingdom. You can see some of it at her long-neglected blog, Totally not blog shaming, but it’s well worth a gander.

Her beautiful scroll is a call to arms for me. I really need to up my game with my illumination. I need to work out acanthus leaves, and all that sort of stuff…

#SoBaronial #MuchBenDunfirth

I’m told the peanut gallery did not actually have peanuts. I felt bad for them.

One of the features of this reign, every court has had a noble take flight with a chest full of toys, pursued by the children of Ealdormere. Having removed his crown, Baldric’s final act was to lead our youth on one last merry chase for a chest full of goodies.

Their Highnesses, Evander and Marioun, were shepherded in behind a wall of silk banners. I was standing at the back of the hall and was thus hidden from the thrones. I did nottake the opportunity to pick my nose. I promise.

From betwixt the banners I watched the heirs address the territorial barons and baronesses of the kingdom.

The newly crowned King Evander crowns his queen.

Ladies and gentlemen, the King and Queen of Ealdormere.

The assorted orders swore fealty to the throne…

… and the populace was welcomed to do so as well.

Baldric and Breyla are now Count and Countess, in honour of their service and recognition of their second reign. It was literally set it stone, as they were awarded carved stone scrolls. I was at the back of the court, so you get a blurry pic.

The Lawspeaker introduced this document, and asked for the populace to sign it. It’s a declaration of the values of the kingdom, stating that we value inclusion and openness. In this day and age – hell, in any day and age – it’s important to make it clear that certain behaviours, certain attitudes, are not what we want to espouse, what we want to present and reflect as a kingdom.

All are welcome. Regardless of colour, creed, faith, ethnicity, orientation, identity… All are welcome.

A little later I noticed Lostie Mortymer…er, I mean Jorgen, wasn’t wearing a belt. How odd, thought I… but then Baron Brand looked like he was up to something…

Brand was taking Jorgen as his protege! Yellow belt and all!

He was rather excited to have Meredyth strap it on. Read into that what you will.

There was official documentation of the arrangement to be read…

And then there was boozeahol, to seal the deal. It was all very exciting 🙂

Good gentles were gathered outside for thwackery, stabbery, and thwockery.




Lyda, stop engaging in stabbery with thwockery implements…

We asked how she was going… the conversation was a little stilted….
HAH! I see what I did there…

Myrun’s Award of Arms was spotted in the wild. I snapped a pic cos it’s pretty.

Evening court, with the new king and queen!

Baroness Sybilla blows her own horn. Well, Ramshaven’s horn.

Berenger! Strong of arm and spirit, awarded a Scarlet Banner!

Behold, and once again I’m reminded that I need to work on my illumination…

A kingdom’s strength is its people, those who serve. Ealdormere welcomes a new Chronicler…

… and a new Exchequer.

The silk banners from Morning Court were given to travellers from other kingdoms who’d come for the Coronation, to take back to their own lands.

And the tradition of gifting newcomers with drinking vessels so that they can return and have a drink with us continues.

That was pretty much it for court, but I wanted to give special mention to Anabelle, who did her best to sign court for those who were hearing impaired. She was, by her own admission, rusty, but did her best to make evening court that little bit more accessible.

And finally, one last scroll… no illumination, but some beautiful calligraphy!

Wassail to our new monarchs, and a tip of the hat to everyone who made the event so much fun!