Shrine of the Lawgiver

Warmachine and Hordes, as a game, has constantly evolved over the years. At first there was Warmachine. Then Hordes. Then Cavalry. Then Battle Engines. Then Colossals and Gargantuans. Caster units. Heck, some warcasters have even bounced across factions. We’ve seen the Iron Kingdoms grow through conflict, with the main factions joined by smaller factions like the Cephalyx, Convergence, Cruicible Guard and… well, we have Infernals on the way but their name doesn’t start with C so I’m not sure it counts…

One addition to the game that has somewhat caught my imagination, though, is structures. As much as the Vessel of Judgment looks like a structure that’s being towed along against its will, as much as Zevanna Agha’s Scrapjack Mk2 is a house with legs, the Trencher Blockhouse was the first actual, immobile, hey-it’s-a-building introduced to the tabletop. I mean, it’s Cygnaran, so clearly it’s housing filthy heretics, but let’s talk the second Black Anchor Heavy Industries structure release: The Shrine of the Lawgiver.

Yeah, I preordered it. Yeah, I got the oven mitt. Hot stuff, comin’ through…

Um… okay, there’s not a lot of components. What’d you expect? It’s a tower!

The base of the tower is beautifully cast in marble, brass, and wood. Or at least, that’s how it appears. I make no promises as to how I’ll paint it. That little weird wedge bit in the corner there will house a flame, one of the three small metal components.

The tower’s upper portion declares the glory of Menoth with an enormous Menofix. It’s just so… I can feel the battle in Urcaen being that much more won, just looking at it.

Two flames for the front, and another Menofix to top the spire. I think those Menites are obsessed with those things.

It’s so magnificent!!!

To say that I’m looking forward to getting this thing painted is an understatement. It’ll even serve dual purpose as a terrain piece in casual games where I’m not actually fielding it, to remind my opponents that Menoth is ever-present. You know, never mind that is has a boostable RNG14 POW14 zot that can turn into a 6″ spray from the target, never mind that it can bring dead grunts back to life, never mind that it can grant Ghostly to friendly models, letting them ignore terrain and free strikes for a turn… No, I’m just fascinated by how pretty it is.

I have time to get it painted by CaptainCon 2019, right?