Crucible Guard: Vulcan

Hey, Chris! You’ve got a bunch of Crucible models to unbox! Why yes, yes I do. Hermagherd! Vulcan! Yeah, isn’t he spiffy? You should totally work up through the week, and then drop him as the finale! Like, “You’ve seen these things? BAM! Here’s the big guy!”. Nah, I’m going to make him Monday’s blog post. … you have no idea what you’re doing, do you. Dude, I’ve never pretended to have any clue, I’m just having fun. Anyway, here’s Vulcan 😉

The Crucible Guard’s Colossal is.. entirely resin. Every part. No metal whatsoever. Clearly, this is because of the challenges they’ve encountered sourcing materials since the collapse of Llael.

There’s something quite satisfying about laying out all these enormous pieces of resin.

Let’s start at the ground and work our way up. There are seven components of the Lower Vulcan (which is kinda like saying Lower Manhattan. You can get a guided tour, and there’s plenty of tourists.

The front wheel design is askew, tilted to as to confuse passing gophers and other small mammals. If you put the wrong wheel on the wrong side at the wrong angle it’ll look like it’s trying to pop a wheelie. So retro…

Along the lower fuselage you’ll add more armour plating and check out the springs! No ostentatious glowing electric coils for these guys (like those filthy Cygnarans), just good, honest springs. Boing!

And twp little wheels bringing up the rear of the drive train.  You could totally get some dental floss and tiny cylinders, secure them to the back, and add a “Just Married” sign…

RAMMING SPEED! (*dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun*). As with any of these unboxings, cleanup is left for the final recipient of the model. Who’s going to get it? CaptainCon fundraiser announcement coming soon maybe? There’s some mold slip, but nothing a few minutes with a hobby knife won’t fix.

The upper body sockets directly into the lower. Once the resin channels are removed, of course. Reminder: Never file resin. Clip it, shave it with the edge of your hobby knife, but don’t sand or saw it. Last thing you want to do is breathe in resin dust. Well, maybe not the last thing, some people actively choose to play Cygnar, but it’s pretty darn close.

Rear boiler is huge, as is fitting for a Colossal warjack. I love the braced structural supports on the spherical tank.

Along the top of the carapace you’ll pop in a frankly insane amount of pipes and tanks. Thankfully they’re (almost) all one component.

At the back of the piping you’ll add the vertical cylinders. I bet they’re filled with root beer.

More piping runs under the shoulder joints. Given that the Crucible Guard has also pioneered the Railless Interceptor, and my recent time spend waiting for trains to finish crossing the road, I can totally see these being tagged by street artists.

These arms… he’s gonna give ’em the clamps! Well, wait, no, these are more shears… pinchy pinchy?

The outer side of the arms is notably schmexier, and has the housing for the flamethrower nozzles.

Speaking of, the nozzles are on their own sprue, along with the head, which is just begging for a Robocop or Rom the Space Knight treatment.

Finally, we add the Aqua Mortem Rocket. DEATH WATER!


The Vulcan is a gloriously enormous feat of engineering and alchemy. I’d like to casually mention, o’ Crucible Guard players, that Khador is that way (*points*). The Vulcan releases this month at your preferred FLGS or online store. Do you have an opponent thirsty for some death water?