Monsterpocalypse: The Shadow Sun Syndicate

With Gorghadra and his Planet Eaters streaming out of the skies to rain destruction on the Earth, can the forces of G.U.A.R.D. defend humanity alone? Fear not, pathetic mortal scum! Er…I mean, good citizens of Planet Earth! It’s enormous ninja time! The Shadow Sun Syndicate have unleashed their Zor and Shinobis and other pointy things to fight the creatures that threaten your very existence. This month we expand on the Monsterpocalypse universe with a new monster for the Protectors, and the first of the Shadow Sun units.

Let’s start with the big fellow himself! Zor-Maxim is one of the leaders of the zors, grown to enormous size to combat the horrors that plague humanity, and also to reach that box of breakfast cereal on the top shelf.

As with other Monsterpocalypse releases, Zor-Maxim is cast in resin. There’s a handful of plugs to be snipped off, but the detail otherwise is sharp, right down to his armored six-pack.

Each arm is also cast in resin, with the blades being the only metal components in the entire model.

The arm blades socket into the forearms cleanly, and shaped sockets align the arms to help you defend Tokyo from the ravages of the alien invaders… Am I talking about Gorghadra or the Ares Mothership? It’s a mystery… Cotton-headed ninnymuggins that I am, I took the pic with the blades pointed forward rather than back… but they can go either way, so… Wheee!

Zor-Maxim doesn’t fight alone. S-Type Shinobis support their biggest brother and the Interceptor zips about the place ferrying Shadow Gates.

All metal, the S-Types are two part mini-versions of Zor-Mazim,with their punching arms attached with a dab of glue.

The Interceptor hovers about, supported by a shaft under the fuselage. Don’t clip it off when you’re cleaning off the channels.

While the Shinobis sprint through the streets, the Sun Fighters scream through the man-made canyons that make up the cityscape, with an excess of pew-pew, and the Shadow Gate unfolds its panels to confound the opponents of the Syndicate and mask its assets.

One-piece models with plenty of panel detail, the sheer size of the thrusters on a Sun Fighter bely its maneuverability.

The Shadow Gate is a three part model, with the panels securing around the central support shaft.

It’s like Robocop watched Stranger Things and decided to grow some techno-mushrooms.

Will the forces of the Shadow Sun Syndicate be enough to hold back the oncoming tide of monstrosities that seem determined to eradicate or enslave humanity? Well, maybe, except some of those humans have been working for something so much older than mankind… stay tuned for more Monsterpocalypse…