Omega Protocol 2: The Omega Protocoling

Privateer Press’s explorations into other IP’s than the Iron Kingdoms haven’t always been as successful as they’d like, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting out some amazing games. Bodgermania wasn’t amazing, but Heap was fantastic. Monsterpocalypse’s original distribution model rubbed some the wrong way, but the new release has me thrilled and super-keen to see more releases – heck, I’m mid-painting Brewgrosh right now. The IP that really shone for me though, was Level 7. Escape, Omega Protocol and Invasion are all very fun, each tackling a different genre of game – Survival Horror, Dungeon Crawl and Global Strategy – with a continuing narrative. Now we have a second edition of Omega Protocol for those who missed out on …. you know, I was going to say the best of the three, but it’s not a fair comparison given that each is a different genre of game. One way or another, Level 7 [Omega Protocol] has a new edition coming our way via Kickstarter.

When this was first announced some discussion arose and much of it in my circle centered around what were sure to be Kickstarter Exclusives and how those of us who already have copies of the game don’t need a second copy but would be fighting our completionist urges. Privateer has very nicely catered to our needs by including a pledge level that solely contains the new stuff – a new scenario book, room tiles, game cards, and an alternate model for your team leader.

Other tiers include New Operator (the main game + the new content) and Fully Loaded (the main game + the Extreme Prejudice expansion + the new content). I’m impressed to see the tier pricing is very reasonable for what you get – anyone who’s peeked in the [Omega Protocol] box knows that you get a ridiculous amount of product for your money, and it’s something of a point of pride if you can get everything back in the box after you’ve ooh’d and aah’d over it all.

We don’t yet have the 2.0 rules, so I can’t comment on the new edition just yet, but for those of you on the fence who haven’t had a chance to play [Omega Protocol], I do want to note – as I did in my original review (archived in one of the older versions of LH but still readable at BoardGameGeek here – LINKY!) – that when it comes to dungeon crawl style games, where one player plays the bad guys (the Overseer) and the rest of the players get to play the adventuring heroes (Disco Team), this is one of the best damn games out there. I’ve been the DM for a D&D group, Storyteller for Werewolf, Dark Consul for Super Dungeon Explore… Shadowrun, Hunter Planet, Marvel Superheroes, Super Squadron, a string of other games… and an awful lot of the time, as rewarding as running the game can be, playing the heroes is just that much more *fun*. Until [Omega Protocol].

I have never played a game that balances both sides of the game – Game Runner vs Players – as well as [Omega Protocol]. The Adrenaline system is flexible, dynamic, and downright engaging. I honestly could not tell you which side is more fun – both sides are a blast. Even if this wasn’t one of the only sci-fi themed dungeon crawls out there, I’d recommend it for any playgroup on that basis alone.

The Kickstarter for Level 7 [Omega Protocol] is running until November first. Check out the campaign – Subterra Bravo isn’t going to clear itself out. Are you ready to join Disco Team?