Speed Freeks

I feel the need, the need for speed!
‘Ere we go! ‘Ere we go! ‘Ere we go!

My first army was the Space Orks, dating back to the days of the metal skorcha and warbuggy models. The Kult of Speed has always been a fascination for me as a car guy in real life. Warbikers were always a mainstay of my Ork army and I celebrated the release of the first plastic warbuggy and immediately bought three. The release of Gorkamorka was a milestone, with new plastic wartrakks and wartrukks that got looted into my burgeoning Kult. Further Ork bikes and vehicles have built upon the Mad Max style.

Safe to say, Speed Freeks was immediately on my radar when I saw it!

Opening up the box, the intoxicating smell of colourful plastic greets you. Yellow for snazzy gitz, and red for fast gitz.

The Shokkjump Dragsta is reserved for rich boyz with lots of teef!

The Kustom boosta-blasta is not only fast (cause it’s red!), but has lots of dakka.

To bulk up your speedmob, you get three warbiker sprues to make 3 of each colour. These are the same sprues as the normal warbiker box, but in faction colours.

Ded proppa black terrain bits to try to avoid when driving around the board for some 3-d scenery.

As with many of the GW boxes lately, there’s a divider/poster between the sprues and the rest of the box. Suitable for framing!

Four sections of double sided fold out boards. Unfolded they are 22′ x 16.5′ each. The rule book has several scenarios and suggests placement of the tiles. My personal favourite is the Race to da Horizon, where the tiles are endlessly recycled to create one long drag race to destruction!

Assembly instructions and a 24 page full colour rule book. The box also came with a sample chapter of The Beast Arises by Dan Abnett. As sample books go, they could do a lot worse than one written by Mr. Abnett.

There are two dashboard sections, with a shield to prevent sneaky spying. 10 Dice are allocated in the kunnin’ phase to shootin’, speedin’ or fightin’, depending on which you think will be most important for your mob this turn.
Each of the vehicles have a datacard, and there are datacards for upcoming buggies like the Megatrak Skrapjet and the Defkilla Wartrike. Kustom Job cards can pimp your ride, and another deck for allocating damage, and a range ruler are included too. Each of the models in the kit have a GW base to be mounted on.

That base is important, because there are templates to put around your buggy or bike to determine it’s firing and ramming arc. Longer templates indicate the path you can follow based on your allocation for the speedin’ phase. Players familiar with the X-wing Miniature game may pick up on this quickly. Each vehicle has a hits characteristic, and once you take enough damage tokens, the vehicle is destroyed… sometimes in spectacularly hilarious ways!

All in all, Speed Freeks is a fun box but I’m not sure how much replayablity the game will have. Unlike Necromunda and the Gang War supplements, this is not a new version of Gorkamorka. There are a couple pages dealing with rules for each of the Ork Klans and an idea for campaign games, but nothing nearly as detailed as the campaigns for other games.

Much like many of GW’s mini game boxes, the focus is on the models. It’s got an interesting action allocation and driving system, and some sweet terrain tiles, but mainly some awesome models that I can’t wait to paint up in Hot Rod flames.

I’m excited to get stuck in to playing some games with my speedmob! WAAAGGHH!