Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc

Imagine you’re preparing to march against your foe. You’ve only recently come into your abilities as a warcaster, you’re nervous, pants-wettingly terrified even, but you know that as one of the few that can control warjacks, the demands of the battlefront are pulling you well outside of your comfort zone. They’ve assigned you an adjutant to help you find your feet. Her name is Alyce, and while there’s no doubt she’s a brilliant chemist, you’re not sure what she’s going to be able to do once the bullets start flying. And then they do. Things go South pretty quickly and suddenly a duo of Kayazy women appear, long knives flashing, slipping through your trips and making a beeline directly for you. You panic. Your arcantrik field stutters. You’re going to need to change your armor wadding. You hear something that sounds like a strangled burp and suddenly Alyce… Well, let’s just say the two Kayazy assassins weren’t expecting the monstrosity that vaults over your your head and commences relieving them of their limbs.

This month we get to check out the Iron Kingdoms analogue for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, only with super cool alchemist leathers. Ladies and gentlemen, Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc.

Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc – and when I say Ominus, you know full well I mean ominous – looks like a nice, well-put-together member of the Crucible Guard with a grenade and some wear and tear on her cloak.

But when she drinks her gummi berry juice…. Big Alyce is five components, all cast in resin.

All I’m saying is, judging by the size of those mitts, there’s some Troll DNA in her transfiguration formula.

Side by side, it’s pretty clear which version of Alyce has been skipping her wheaties. Big Alyce may occasionally skip leg day, but when it comes to free weights…

Yeah, I glued her into a base. I know, I know, it’s exciting.

Now, imagine this thing loping across the battlefield toward you. I don’t care if you’re safe inside the inch-thick shielding of a suit of  Man-O-War armour, Big Alyce is downright terrifying. She’s the gargantuan-limbed embodiment of the rage and fury of those members of the Order of the Golden Crucible that are striking back against those who drove them from their home.

Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc is a November release. Your FLGS – and your preferred online retailer – can help you get your hands on her. Both versions in a single blister. Rawr.