Crucible Guard Infantry

You’re in the army now, son! Your days of sitting in the basement trying to create a new and exciting version of napalm without waking up ma’ and da’ are over, for now at least! It’s time to don your heavy leathers, slap on your protective visor, take up your special edition Model 609 carbine – some of the rookies are calling it a Stuffthrower – and march out with the Crucible Guard. It’s time to drop the alchemically treated hammer, so sayeth the Aurum Legate!

Not everyone gets to be a hero. Not everyone gets to be a specially trained operative only used to select, high-importance missions. Someone has to be the rank-and-file, the grunts that make up the standing body of an army. Today we unbox the simply named Crucible Guard Infantry.

It’s the simple things. I love how Privateer’s warehouse crew pack the models with the components nicely sorted. Grunt rifles in one cell, officer and leader rifles in another.

There are three poses of grunt for the Infantry unit, and each is cleanly detailed right down to their studded boots. Let’s take a moment to discuss the resin here, shall we?

So in the past we’ve had metal models, and we’ve had the hybrid plastic. Pros and cons, but we’re seeing more and more models released in resin nowadays. Spade a spade, there’s a lot of cleanup to be done on resin models when it comes to removing channel plugs and struts, and we have to be a lot more careful with it  – you do notwant to breathe this stuff in – but look at the detail on the left boot of the grunt on the right two photos up, and in this shot note the depth in the hilts of the swords and under the bottom edges of the backpacks. If these models were metal each would  be a separate component, but Privateer’s resin design and casting has these as single piece bodies. Once you’ve done the cleanup, the only assembly you need to do is to glue on the gun. For personal comparison, even the basic grunt ghouls for my Flesh-Eater Courts army (yes, I’m still pottering with them) are five piece models, and it just gets more nuts from there. Completely different aesthetic, to be sure, but Privateer gets some beautiful detail into their resins while keeping the component count very low. Different games appeal to different folk, but these resins are a boon for those who aren’t as keen on the model-building side of the hobby.

These guys have a lot of thin flash to be cleaned off, but their channels are all safely under the models waiting to be clipped off. The standard bearer (icon bearer?) is a good example of a not uncommon issue with non-styrene-plastic models with a nice wave through the shaft of the standard, but hot water, bend it into position, and then ice water,and it’ll be done.

Again, the detail is great, from the pressure gauges on their backpacks to the plating lining their coats.

And then you have a nice selection of Model 609’s, one of the most versatile firearms in the Iron Kingdoms. With their ability to shoot pyrocatalysts, there’s clearly a teensy bit of the blessing of Menoth in there, so I have to at least somewhat approve 😉

The Crucible Guard Infantry are out now, and keen to fight the… I mean, I’d say good fight, but they ain’t Menites… but you can find them at your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Pew Pew Fwoosh!