Hand Of Silence

Hi Ho, Silver -Awaaaaaay! Who’s riding through the desert to uplift the faithful and purge the heretics? Hand of Silence! Who’s thundering hooves resonate with the pure and strike terror into the hearts of Cygnaran scum? Hand of Silence! Why, no, I’m not biased against Morrowans at all, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I *do* know that Hand of Silence is out know and while I’ve still got some touch-ups to do, he’s close enough to being done that my painting table can stop holding its breath, and now I can share him with you. Behold his magnificence.

Five resin pieces and two metal! Incredibly simple assembly! A horse in a gas mask! It’s Hand of Silence!

Alban – because the horse has a name, dammit! comes in four pieces and may be my favorite equestrian sculpt from Privateer. Aside from some lovely barding and a very stylish mane hairdo, the model is designed such that almost every seam is masked once the model is assembled.

The head and flank plating fit beautifully, and once Hand of Silence himself is mounted in Alban’s saddle, the *only* visible seam is at the back of the saddle. There’s no other indication once he’s assembled that the body was in two halves. He’s gorgeous.

When you’re an embodiment of the will of Menoth and a shepherd of the souls of the dying, being pretty isn’t a high priority. Being menacing and kinda badass on the agenda though.

A shaped socket aligns his pointing finger. It’s so heretics know when he’s judging them.

“You! You didn’t tip your waitress!”
The Canon of True Law is very clear regarding the service industry.

Usher – his poleaxe/flamethrower – lines up at the right elbow with another shaped socked, and the hose connects to the tank on Alban’s back. I’m really hoping the seals on that thing are adequate… the amount of flame this guy spouts, it’s be pretty horrific if the tank were to blow.

Experimenting with a new paint scheme. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to field a fully painted, cohesive Menite force. There’s some work to be done still – some tufts on the Dragon Forge resin base, a few things to touch up on the model, maybe changing the color of the Menofixes…

… but one way or another he’s moody and lovely and I want to put him on a tabletop (and maybe take some pics with better lighting…)


Hand of Silence is out now and wondering why you haven’t added him to your army yet. Swing by your FLGS or log into your account with your preferred online retailer. Do the thing. He knows you want to.