Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart & Mr Clogg

Who’s got the most bombastic moustache in the Iron Kingdoms? GEARHART! Who has so many guns he needs a pack mule? GEARTHART! Who decided he’d rather have some poor balding butler lug things around? GEARHART! Ladies and other ladies, the real hero of the Crucible Guard is her to pose heroically while his long suffering assistant tests the limits of just how much can be carried by a man in puffy pants.

Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart is largely resin, with a metal head, exhausts, and axe. Yes, I got excited and glued his head in before I started taking pictures. Mr Clogg is allmetal(*headbangs*)

Dashingly heroic and winking, Marshal Gearhart is a sweet hunk… of resin. He’s also a breeze to assemble, with the gun arm and head fitting into shaped sockets. The axe hand joins at the wrist, but can be aligned along the leg for additional contact strength.

O’, how do you not swoon at his magnificence? They could have sculpted him with his face shield on, but we’d hate to rob the Iron Kingdoms of hat glorious moustache. Let’s be honest, he looks amazing.

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum. The brow-beaten, weathered Mr Clogg works in service to the Marshal General, and his hairline suffers accordingly.

With enough guns to make Cable and Deadpool jealous, Mr Clogg plods along and waits to hand them to his boss. I kinda love that the one on the left – that he carries in front of him – looks like an unholy amalgam of a blunderbuss and a super soaker.

Fully laden, Mr Clogg carries more weight than a Black Ogrun Smog Belcher. He carries the weight of the knowledge of the price paid to maintain Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart’s moustache. I’m not saying it’s an Infernal pact requiring the death of innocent fishmongers, but then, I’m not saying it isn’t either…

Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart and Mr Clogg are a November release for the Crucible Guard. Drop by your FLGS  or preferred online retailer next time you sojourn out for pomade or moustache wax.