Tectonic reinforces the Monsterpocalypse

We’ve got all sorts of niftiness releasing for Monsterpocalypse releasing this month, including several great resin buildings, but there’s always joy in the humble high-rise apartment building. Our pals over at Tectonic Craft Studios have not only stepped up by creating inserts to go inside the cardboard buildings that come with the starter sets (link!), but also with a series of alternative buildings, markers and trays. Since we like Tectonic Dan and stuff, I thought today I’d share the nifty.

Tectonic’s Monsterpocalypse Stuff

Four varieties of the classic apartment building – Downtown, Deco, Diagrid and Marquis, for those who want to freehand giant movie posters or tributes to Stan Lee. While the apartment buildings from the starters have flat roofing, these have a recessed roof to allow for…


Flag inserts!  Need to indicate a building as being secure? Right there. The flag inserts nestle into the roof cavities and everyone knows that you’ve successfully convinced the residents to submit themselves to their rightful Martian overlords… or is that just me?

That little horseshoe marker slides along your monster’s card to show where his health is at. Maybe it’ll be a lucky horseshoe. Not lucky enough to save you from the predations of the Lords of Cthul, but it is what it is. (insert maniacal laughter here)

Helping you transport your monsters and units (*snicker*), the tray has plenty of slots for your monsters and buildings, with multi-purpose cells down the sides that can host either one large or four small bases.

For dice storage and rolling options there’s a set that gives you sections to keep your dice pools separate, and the lid handily flips over to give you a dice tray to keep your dice from rolling across the table into the waiting maw of a Belcher.

We’re always a fan of supporting small businesses here in the world of the Lost, and Tectonic’s continued support of our fundraising efforts at CaptainCon has somewhat endeared them to us. Why not help support those that support us? Be prepared to look for Dan at CaptainCon and maybe get your mitts on some neat accessories as you plan your next sojourn into Monsterpocalypse.