When I think back on all the warjacks that I’ve considered as I’ve built lists since the days of Mk1, I can honestly say I never gave the Vanguard much attention. Part of it was that I’m somewhat of a faction purist and don’t like to use a lot of mercenaries, and when I did play Mercs as a faction I played Searforge. Seeing the old model revisited and graced with a fresh coat of Crucible Guard paint has somewhat changed my opinion.

After working with light warjacks for most other factions (and heavies, truth be told) I’ve become used to the idea of my machinery of war having a fairly static pose, especially when compared to the warbeasts of the Hordes factions. The Vanguard’s new pose is refreshingly characterful.

It all starts with the humble torso. Once you’re done admiring the smooth plating of the carapace, note that the angle of the hips of out of alignment with the carapace. Hints of action pose!

The legs join into the hip sockets with round pegs. This means you have no guidance assisting you in aligning the legs so that they’ll sit flat on the base. The sockets are deep and make for generous connections, but be mindful of unintended swivel when gluing them in.

On the rear of the carapace, we have evidence not only that warjacks nap from time to time (the bedroll) but also that they enjoy the odd tipple now and again as well. It’s anyone’s guess exactly what they keep in the bottles, but I’m willing to bet it’s not Bouncy Bubble Beverage.

I think what I appreciate most about the rear of the shield is the bracing bar leading up above the gauntlet. Yes, it’s the ammo feed for the cannon, but I appreciate that the ammo feed is actually represented, and it just makes the shield look that much more solid.

The head and guisarme are both metal. I’m curious about the practical application of such a deep axe blade. Maybe I should hit up Aeryn Rudel sometime for expert opinion.

So, I assembled the Vanguard to show the completed pose…

… but Murpy decided he wanted me to take a pics of him first. Who’s a handsome bird? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

The final pose is very “Come at me, bro!” though I could have minimised that somewhat with the posing of the arms… but I really like this look 😉

And a few more angles just so you can see the pretty little Llaelese warjack for what he is. Compact, characterful, and carrying a bottle of booze. No wonder the Ordic members of the Crucible Guard have adopted these guys!

The Vanguard is a November release for the Crucible Guard, or for any mercenary warcaster or jack marshal that can drag him into your other factions. Hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer.