Captain Eira Mackay

Those rugged Khadorans have finally worked out how to mount large bore cannons on a chariot thanks to Vladimir Tzepesci’s immense destriers, and that’s lovely and all, but when you and your engineers have developed the Railless Interceptor, capable of trundling an immense amount of ordnance across a battlefield, it’s kinda imperative that you get to ride up top, pretending to motion your fellow artillerists forward while you’re actually flipping the bird at your foe.

Tank… Tank… Tank… Heck, the mere fact that this thing exists kinda flips the bird at your opponent without needing to raise a single finger.

Behold, a whole lot of resin, and a few little metal bits. Half-painted Malekus is just there to bless the components.

The upper portion is a beautiful piece of resin with an abundance of rivets and piping.

Onto said glorious hunk of resin goes a cupola and lid, an exhaust, and the long-suffering Captain Eira Mackay, who lost her legs in a tragic doughnut accident. I mean, she may -actually- have legs in canon fiction, but in -my- little headcanon she’s a heroic double-amputee who soldiers on for the good of the cause despite her own personal losses.

It says something when the barrel of your Alchemical Mortar is broad enough to fire one of those prize-winning pumpkins from the county fair that weigh more than your Uncle Jessup.

I was a little aggressive when trimming the resin for the cupola, but the shielding happily disguises the evidence of my enthusiasm.

One of the little details I appreciate most about this model is how Capt. Mackay’s left hand rests over the edge of the cupola. It’s just a small thing, but it adds a lot to the visual impact of this tiny component (when compared to the overall mass of her personal Railless Interceptor)

The massive door on the back would also make for a great Steampunk bank vault if you were making scenery.

The undercarriage has shaped recesses to receive the drive guard and axle plating. Yes, naming components now, with no actual understanding of how I should be referring to them. You can’t stop me. Bwahahahahaha.

 The upper and lower portions sandwich together with those triangular recesses set to receive the sponson pods, each of which will host an Antiminator. It sprays freezy stuff. A long way. Beware the sponsons.

Hey! It’s the drive guard and axle plating I was referring to earlier! The two longer resin components sit neatly against the undercarriage (yes, I had to use a little hot water to bend the drive guard straight, took about 15 seconds) and the metal coupling rods secure at the rear wheel and into the housings at the front.

This is the point where your enthusiasm takes over and you forget to take a couple of assembly pics, and you only remember after you’ve already glued on the shielding and the flamethrower. Malekus made sure to bless the flamethrower, so it only works against non-Menites.

And then next thing you know you have a stunning model ready to roll out on the charity fundraiser table at CaptainCon. Well, you may be adding yours to your own Crucible Guard army, but this one will be coming with me to Rhode Island in February, and then going home with one lucky supporter of our fundraising efforts.

You should come to CaptainCon and try to win it. Or, ya know, visit your FLGS or preferred online retailer.