Riot Quest: Expanding the Iron Kingdoms?

Privateer’s preview of their 2019 plans was full of shiny niftiness, from narrative events (a huge hit at major conventions this past year) penned my our pal Aeryn Rudel, to an art book, a campaign book (tres excite!), L5R minicrate previews, more gribblies for Monsterpocalypse (Oh Krakenoctus, why must you be a Protector? I’ll come to terms with your betrayal in the comforting clamps of Hammerklak Korvissik), and more. You can, of course, read it for yourself here – Link! – but I think the thing that has the back of my mind churning most – Aside from Hammerklak, of course – isn’t the new details about the Infernals as a new Hordes faction, but rather more information about Riot Quest, a new game coming in 2019.

In an alternate future of the Iron Kingdoms, teams of mercenaries compete for loot. It’s a tale as old as time, and with the popularity of MOBA style games in recent years and skirmish squad games in high demand, I’m very interested to see how Privateer has personalized the concept to their IP. The preview promises all new models which can be used in Warmachine/Hordes – likely in the same manner that the convention exclusives can be used as alternate sculpts of existing models, but that’s just an assumption on my part.

As someone who loves alternate sculpts, it’s safe to say that concept has my attention, even though we don’t know much at all about the game itself, from play area – Game mat taking up a table? Small tiles a la Level 7: Escape? Small boards a la Shadespire?) – to the mechanics. What we -do- know is that some of the models are going to look bloody fantastic. A tinker with steampunk wings… A pygmy troll in a little tank…


.. A Necrotech with a circular saw riding out on the back of a Deathripper. I don’t care what faction you personally adhere to, that’s amazing. I’m a freakin’ Menite and I really want to get my hands on this one. 

I love the Iron Kingdoms as a setting. It has a depth and flavor that I find lacking in a lot of other gaming worlds. Nations are constantly in conflict to some degree, there’s no clear good guys, even most of the bad guys have depth and dimension such that we as players can feel a degree of sympathy or empathy for them. The wealth of fiction available – from the Mk1 and Mk2 books, from backissues of No Quarter, from the literally dozens of books that were released under the Skull Island Expeditions imprint – breaths life into the setting, and don’t even get me started on how freaking amazing Kings, Nations & Gods is as an RPG supplement. If I had to forsake all gaming settings except one, there’s no contest in my mind which I’d choose.

So to say I’m very intrigued to see Riot Quest when it comes to fruition is a little bit of an understatement. My biggest concern is that we’ll get a game – which may be bloody amazing fun – without the background depth to make it a living, breathing thing. You know, as much as it’ll be plastic and resin and cardboard and stuff. Alright, it’s not a perfect analogy, but you get what I mean. 

Thankfully Privateer has a good track record of respecting the heritage of their setting even in their “side games” with few exceptions. Bring it on, PP. I’m keen to see what you’ve got for us in 2019.