CaptainCon Fundraiser Update: Dust, Freeblades, and the NJ SOBs

We’re inching closer and closer to CaptainCon, and closer and closer to our annual fundraiser! For those of you who’ve forgotten, we’re raising funds this year for the Asperger/Autism Network, and I’m proud to reveal that we will once again be receiving support from our friends at DUST, we’re adding Freeblades to the shelves, and once again the New Jersey SOBs are stepping up to the plate with an entire freaking army to give away! Lemme show you some cool things…

In case your life needed more helicopters, walkers, and alternate timeline army mans, we’ve got four DUST army boxes  and a few extras to tempt you!

I’ve always found that my Spets are more Naz when they’ve got an armoured gunship unleashing hot lead all over the place.

So the Neue Deutsches Afrikakorps come with a Loki Tropical Anti-Aircraft Walker. It’s named after a trickster god. It may or may not be piloted by Tom Hiddleston. The only way you’re going to know for sure is to win it.


Now, I’ll admit I’m not hugely familiar with DGS Games‘ Freeblades, but they’ve got a line of sweet looking models, a bunch of factions to choose from, and a game that promises exploration into new dice experiences, one-off, multiplayer and campaign settings, and even a many-against-one variant where player’s forces band together against a common foe.

With a roleplaying game on the way there promises to be more ways to explore the setting, and I’m seeing an awful lot of models in their catalogue that will make great additions to any fantasy RPG setting.

DGS has kindly sent us two starters – The Traazorite Crusaders and The Eclipse Sisterhood. One box has a Suneater, the other a Sunbringer. Sounds like a hawt date ready to happen!

As for the NJ SOBs, we’ll post more pics of their contribution later but for now? How about the Minicrate LE of Gastone Crosse, painted by none other than  Art of Wargaming Miniature Studio‘s  Frank Kahsar? Equal parts dashing and stabby, there’ll be an entire army tagging along with this fellow…

We’re looking forward to seeing any of you at CaptainCon, and hope that you’ll support the fundraiser this year, and do much winning of all the things…