Charity Update: NJ SOBs Army!

The more alert among you may remember my post from a few weeks back when we talked about some of the contributions to the prize pool for the Lost Hemisphere charity fundraiser at CaptainCon. You may recall my showing you a superbly painted LE Gastone Crosse from Art of Wargaming Miniature Studio. You may even recall my mentioning that it was part of an entire armybeing donated by the New Jersey S.O.B.’s. Guess what I’m showing you today?

Who wants to win an army?

Led by the aforementioned Gastone, an army of Llaelese resistance and faithful Menites march forth to remind those silly Khadorans that Llael belongs to Menoth! Er… I mean, the Llaelese. Yes, yes, that’s what I mean, all along. Honest.

It wouldn’t be a Llaelese force without a Vanguard… and some other friends,sure.

The Gun Mages of the Amethyst Rose may be officially no more, but it wouldn’t be a rose without thorns…the Thorn Gun Mages have a message to deliver, inscribed on the end of a bullet.

So someone painted Major Harrison Gibbs and his cat, and then when S.O.B.s took photos they angled it so we can’t see the kitty. Dammit, Seth, I always suspected you were a dog person…

I know who painted these! (*Waves hi to Kat R*). Harlan’s clearly not on board with Rhupert’s bagpipe version of Despacito, but does he realize there’s a Thamarite right behind him?!?

Menoth gifted mankind with fire, law, and the wall. With these mankind built defenses to protect the weak and hold back the wild. In time, these very citadels inspired the Exemplar Order to name their most stalwart defenders the Bastions.

And you know what’s even more irksome than a bunch of guys stomping around with ridiculous pauldrons who refuse to die? A bunch of guys with no significant armour, armed with hand grenades, who flat our refuse to stay dead. At least, while that enormous stone Menofix is being lugged around with them.


The New Jersey S.O.B.’s have long been ardent supporters of our fundraising efforts at CaptainCon, and we’re delighted to once again be the recipient of their team painting effort. We’re proud to be associated with them, and to help promote their annual shindig, the Bokur Brawl. We look forward to not only seeing our S.O.B. pals at CaptainCon, but also to being able to show you this amazing donation. Who knows, you may be the lucky one to take it home…