Fundraiser Update: Tactically painted Cryxians

What if I told you… that Tim Cluley, formally known as Tyrant Mithras and posting on Instagram as @Tacpainting, a man who I met when he was much younger, whose mind I expanded by introducing him to the concept of RPGs, has mailed over a bunch of Cryxian goodness… goodness? badness? malevolenceness?  for our fundraising table at CaptainCon? And that they’re beautifully evil? And a bunch of them are even mounted on Dragon Forge Design bases?

I think these are worth dedicating a blog post to…

Let’s start with the Helldiver… a nicely compact model. Do you dig it? Or does it dig you?!?

The Ripjaw: Pincer jaws and a circular saw! Talk about a buzzcut…

The Harrower is all set to provide you with a harrowing experience… yeah, that was lame, even by my standards. I’ll admit, before seeing this model, that I’d never realised that there was a little tongue tentacle bit in  the claws though…

The Leviathan has one question… What ‘r YOU lookin’ at?

I’ve always thought of Erebus as basically a centipede brain in a helljack frame… and that’s terrifying.

The one, the only, the Deathjack… Pure evil in iron plates. Who made it? No-one knows. Everyone just runs.

Now, I don’t know if you believe in unicorns, but when given that the Kraken is an aquatic colossal with an enormous lance-like canon protruding from the top of its carapace, I think it’s fair to believe in evil narwhals.

You’d think, with all those furnace exhausts, there’d be issues with waterproofing.

Iron Lich Overseers eventually retire from the battlefield to work on Iron Chef Immoren.

Sometimes you just need a hulking pile of muscle with a spiky shield and a polearm to defend your warcaster.

Speaking of, Goreshade the Cursed… though having been on the receiving end of that godsword, I felt more like I was the one who was cursed!

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin! Cos you know what I thought my opponent really needed after he stabbed me with Voass, was a way to get to me and start stabbing even faster… 😉

All of these gorgeously painted models will be on the prize table at CaptainCon, as we raise funds for the Aspergers/Autism Network, and every one of them will be going home with lucky winners to make life for their opponents that much prettier though no less deadly.


Way back when, before CaptainCon became CaptainCon, when the Losties and co would sojourn to Templecon in the chill of February, Privateer Press’ paint bigwig Ron Kruzie donated a model to one of our very first fundraising efforts – Vayl, Disciple of Everblight.

The model was won by Lostie Dale, who has admired it lo, all these years, but has graciously decided that it’s time to spread the love.

Vayl, painted by Ron Kruzie, returns with us to Rhode Island in a few weeks, and will journey on with one lucky fundraiser winner…

Will it be you?