Monstrous January: Deimos-9 and Sky Sentinel

When Monsterpocalypse’s Martian Menace were first released, the Ares Mothership channeled the classic flying saucer vibe, hallmark of countless science fiction tales. Deimos-9 is the first expansion “monster” for the Martian Menace, and visually reminds us that this is not just a series of abductions, but quite literally a War of the Worlds. Deimos-09, you see, strides through Midtown on three gleaming legs. It’s tripod time, and H G Wells is sounding the alarm.

Deimos-9 made from a central pod and a bunch of long spindly bits. By comparison, the Martian Command Post is one piece. 

The “body” of the Deimos-9 tripod comes with an underslung matter consumption beam, and sockets for all of your spindly bits.

Speaking of, three legs and two grabby-grabby bits. Extendable Manipulators, sure, you can call them that it you want to stick with what’s written on the box.

A little test fitting ensures you get each leg in the right place, and with very little effort you’re ready to stalk through the cornfields, laying waste to all the thatched roof cottages.

TheCommand Post is all full of curves and intricate wurbly bits. It just occured, they’re kinda like the thinky-thinky parts of a brain. First person to the “circuitry” up as fleshy organic stuff earns a crisp high-five.

Oh, sure, if you’re tired of destroying cities and actually want to save a few, you probably should look at G.U.A.R.D.’s new release, Sky Sentinel.

Eight pieces, because clearly human engineering isn’t quite as efficient as our Martian overlords.

Even so, assembly was quick and simple once the resin channels has been clipped. Dynamically posed and bringing the biff, Sky Sentinel refuses to yield dominion over mankind to the invaders.

Sky Sentinel’s model is very nicely balanced, despite the enormous rocket pack. All in all, a sweet mech, even if it belongs to the wrong agenda 😉

While the Martians have a command post, G.U.A.R.D. has a defense base. Standing firm against the encroaching tide of those who would destroy humanity, G.U.A.R.D.’s agenda is evident in the naming of their building alone. Also, is it just me, or are the armoured shutters just freaking sweet?

The Monsterpocalypse is upon us. Will you stand with mankind, or bring forth the doom of all?