2019 CaptainCon Fundraiser

CaptainCon is, for me, a working convention. I don’t go planning to get in all the gaming, though I certainly do enjoy that which occurs. Rather, the plan is to coordinate the annual fundraiser, inviting all and sundry in attendance to participate and help us raise funds for our chosen charity of the year. With CaptainCon done for the year, it is my pleasure to announce that after someone with better eyes than me assisted with counting the proceeds, we successfully raised $3750.00 for the Asperger/Autism Network, thanks to the open hearts of our prize donors and convention attendees.

We had more prize lots on the table than ever before, thanks to donations from the the New Jersey SOBs, Plarzoid, Wyrd, The Armoury, TACPainting, Muse On Minis, Mink the Satyr, Steamforged, DUST USA, KR Multicase, Freeblades, Tectonic Craft Studios, Breach Storm, Arena Rex, lots taken from the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool, and a whole bunch of individuals who offered from their own personal collections.

It was a lot of fun calling out the numbers (being heckled by Seth and Nate), ably assisted by Rebeccah, Amy, Andy, Brendon and Other Chris. I appreciate you all. Thanks also to everyone who contributed, both with prizes and by purchasing tickets. Some purchased a few, some contributed literally hundreds of dollars and ended up with a -lot- of tickets in the barrel. I’m grateful for every one of you.

Without further ado, I present this year’s winners list.

Framed Cygnar print, won by Andrew D
Khador Conquest kit, won by Jose I
Khador Grolar kit, won by Craig C
Khador Demolisher kit, won by Kyle L
Khafor Berserker kit, won by Seth C
Khador Man-O-War Bombardiers, Khador Man-O-War Demo Corps, won by Chris W
Khador Iron Fang Pikeman, Khador Kapitan Valachev, Khador Kommander Sorscha, won by Adam C
Khador Mad Dog (Painted by TheGreatGaspy), won by Craig C
Khador Yuri the Axe, Khador Manhunter (Painted by Gdaybloke), won by Craig C

Circle Orboros dice set, won by Seth C
Cryx Inflictor kit, Desecrator kit, Warwitch Deneghra, won by William B
Cryx Bane Riders, won by Stew R
Crucible Guard Vulcan, won by Andy K
Retribution Soulless Voidtracer, won by Thomas O
Crucible Marshal Gearhart, Crucible Infantry, won by Larry L
Crucible Lukas di Moray, Crucible Storm Troopers, won by Rich S
Crucible Capt. Eira Mackay model, Crucible Vanguard model, won by Rick B
Crucible Alyce Marc, won by Mike N
Mercenary Eilish Garrity, Mercenary Thorn Gun Mages, won by Adam C

Cryx Army (Painted) – TACPainting, won by David G
Cygnar Journeyman Caine, Cygnar Commander Stryker, won by Seth C
Minions Farrow Razorback Crew, won by Connor T
Skorne Extoller Novitiate, Skorne Abiddan the Keeper, Skorne Immortal Vessel, Skorne iron-on patch, won by Wade V
Menoth Potentate Severius, Menoth Cyrenia, won by Nick D
MonPoc Sky Sentinel, MonPoc GUARD Defense Base, won by Dan S
MonPoc Zor-Maxim, MonPoc Sun Fighters, MonPoc S-Type Shinobis, won by Max P
MonPoc Cthugrosh, won by Anthony R
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw pin, Level 7 Gobber pin, won by Craig C

DUST Spetsnaz, won by Russell O
DUST Red Army, won by Noah H
DUST Mickey, won by Jack G
DUST Mickey, won by Waylon G
DUST Operation Achilles, won by Brian G
Star Trek AW Flagship, won by Sam L
Helldorado Eurynome, Helldorado Saurav Geet, won by Rick B
Shadowsea Axibalan Empire Set, won by Brendon C
Queen of the Broken Coast Bust, won by Craig C
Planet of the Apes Boardgame, won by Adam S
Fist of Dragonstones Boardgame, won by Mike R
John Deere Die-Cast Loader, won by Ami B
Werebeasts Game, won by Stew R
Norsgard Rulebook, won by Ami B
Mercenary Army (Painted) – SOB’s, won by Rich S

KR Multicase Half Case, won by Adam S
KR Multicase Half Case, won by Wade V
KR Multicase Kaiser 2 bag, won by Daniel B
KR Multicase card case, won by Dave F
KR Multicase Backpask, won by Wade V
House Shyeel Magister (Painted by Drew Drescher), won by Craig C
Guild Ball Faithful of Solthecus, won by Josh G
Guild Ball New Alliances, won by Art W

Guild Ball Falconers + Dice + tokens, won by Wade V
Guild Ball Easter Fangtooth, won by Wade V
Guild Ball Chibi Princess + Chibi Ox, won by Bobby O
Guild Ball Skaldicfest, won by Thomas O
Guild Ball Chibi Shark, won by Craig C

Guild Ball New Beginnings, won by Waylon G
Haven boardgame, won by Brian F
Boss Monster game, won by Kris V
Rivet Wars game, won by Josh G
Exploding Kittens game, won by Wade V
Cursed Court game, won by Thomas O
Battle for Greyport, won by Stew R
Freeblades starters, won by Daniel B
Squirrel or Die game, won by Thomas O
Malifaux Nekrima & Hungering Darkness, won by Nicole

Malifaux Unicorn Vomit & Pixie Farts, won by Rick B
Tectonic Craft Studios kits, won by Adam S
Breachstorm starters, won by Hank J
Warmachine/Hordes posters, won by Kris V
Khador Army (painted by Plarzoid), won by Craig C
Cygnar Army (painted by Plarzoid, won by Dave K
Convergence Colossal Kit, won by Sam L
Gastone Crossbones, won by Craig C

Sloth Squishable, won by Mike N
Muse on Minis Warmachine Zones, won by Matt C
Muse on Minis Hordes Zones, won by Brian C
Holloway Brews, won by Owen R
Chaddsford Wine, won by Wade V
Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter Chest, won by Mike N
40K Chaos Lord, won by Willem A
40K Intercessor & Paints, won by Chris W
40K Intercessor & Paints, won by Rick B
40K Intercessor & Paints, won by Ami B
40K Intercessor & Paints, won by Dave K
40K Intercessor & Paints, won by William B

Arena Rex starter, won by Dan S
Arena Rex models, won by Mike S
Blighted Bather & Bombardier Bombshell, won by Dan M
Star Wars TIE Striker, won by Nick D
Heroes of Neverwinter, won by Quinton V
Hammerfall Siege Crawler, won by Mitchell B
TARDIS and dice bag, won by Jack G
Forbidden Island game, won by Blake H

Alolan Vulpix Hoodie, won by Andy K
Monsterpocalypse Mk1 Lot, won by Joker
Cave Paintings game, won by James A
Costa Ruana game, won by James G
Smarty Party game, won by John C
Floating Crystals, won by David G
Puppet Wars models, won by Wade V
Blood Bowl, won by Max B

Here’s to another year in the can, a bunch of moneys raised to benefit a worthy cause, and cups raised for next year! Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s fundraiser. I appreciate you all.