CaptainCon Photodump!

We’re back from CaptainCon! You know what that mean? It means you get to see a bunch of pics from the trip! I know you’re utterly thrilled at the concept. CaptainCon was a bunch of good times strung together to make one larger good time, thanks to the efforts of the New England Privateers and everyone who came to participate in the shenaniganry. We’ll post an overview of the fundraiser soon, but for now, the photodump!

Choosing the right road trip partner can make all the difference. (Yes, you can insert  your own d’awww here)

Naturally, the road trip included exploring snack options from South of the Border.    

TIME PILOT!!! #VintageNerdery

Every year, commemorative coins are offered to attendees. I’m lucky enough that #13 is flagged for me each year.

Once Friday morning rolled around, the fundraiser prizes started piling up.

The NJ SOB’s gave us a magnificent army that also happened to look pretty neat as a diorama when split in two…

TACPainting’s Cryx fit neatly in one of the hotel ice trays.

Making all the prizes fir on the table this year was a challenge. In total, after all was said and done, we had 101 prize lots. This pic was taken early Saturday, when we were at about 80 lots…

Giant squishable sloth was very much in demand, and the topic of much discussion.

Rebeccah may or may not officially be Khadoran, after setting up Plarzoid’s painted army prize.

Plarzoid’s Khador was painted without an airbrush, just to prove that two brush blending is a thing.

Speaking of, look at that happy Plarzoid flying the Lostie colours!

Breach Storm was available for demos all con long, and we were pleased to be able to showcase the starters and template pack on the prize table.

Drew’s Magister spent the entire con slowly rotating on its own little disc.

Elsewhere, Wyrmwood had their fine products available…

Tectonic Craft Studios was offering the finest in terrain pieces that smell like campfires, and other such accessories.

Broken Egg was also on hand with an assortment of plastic thingies and tokens and stuff.

The Freeblades demos also ran all weekend. We had two of their starters in the raffle too!

A professional cosplayer I am not…

It’s so squishy! I’ll leave it to your imagination whether I was talking about Nate or not…

The AANE sent us a bunch of wristbands that said “I did a plank 4 Autism”. So some people did.

After saving it up for several months, I finally wore my Welsh Masters jersey.

@MinktheSatyr appeared as Caterpie.Thankfully, she didn’t use String Shot. That said, I may have to give her some silly string next time I see her, just for that gag…

Plarzoid In Repose. Digital media, 2019. Artist: Chris Miller.

Dammit, Pinata Alex gets all the ladies…

Oh, and there was some actual gaming happening.

Infinity tables continue to look amazing. This much terrain is simply not practical in non-Skirmish games, but damn

Things got a little DUST-y. Hah! I’m hilarious.

Hwelp, the city isn’t going to level itself… (*destroys all the things*)

Over in the cabinets near Registration, models entered into the painting contest were on display.

I don’t have a lot of words for this. It’s beautifully done.

Helga’s Valkyries are FA:3 on the card, but they’re FA:U in my heart.

And then there’s Mollog’s Mob, where a stalagmite and a mushroom are out to kill you.

Kat’s Desert Hydra is malevolently pretty. She still played Retribution all weekend tho’. Proud of her on both counts.

Now, imagine you’re a small band of visigoths, charging toward a hillock only to find it has a brace of ballistae behind it…

Not part of the painting contest, but I was really impressed by the work that went into one of the Nurgle armies over on the AoS side. This Great Unclean One was magnificent with his furry hood.

Elsewhere in the same room, an enormous tower looms over a battlefield.

THRONEFIGHT!!! Seriously, I saw more Thrones of Everblight and Siege Animantaraxes this past weekend than I’ve seen in a long time. Remember when everyone wrote them off as garbage? I love how the meta can change over time.

They’re gonna ship them all to the Northern England, and they’re gonna make the Picts pay for the shipping.

First, Second and Third. Gratz, lads!

Rebeccah and I decided to go out for real food on Sunday night. While I’m not normally one to post food pr0n, Iggy’s Lobster Bomb was amazing.

No, America! No! Don’t do it!


And we end with the category of Popular Meat, which made me snirk like a 12yr old.

CaptainCon was, as usual, a wonderful opportunity to see friends old and new, to help the community support a worthy charity (more on that later), and otherwise just get our geek on. I even squeezed in a game of Keyforge and a game of Monsterpocalypse! Crazy times, I know. Huge thanks to the New England Privateers, to Rebeccah, to Plarz, to the Kaisers and Holloways, to our new adopted daughter Zosia, and everyone else who came to be a part of CaptainCon 2019.

See you next year, thrillseekers!