Decisions, Decisions… What does Menoth Will?

When one doesn’t have the cell phone number of the Harbinger of Menoth, it can be difficult knowing what Menoth Wills. Yes, that gets a capital. The True Law may have been manifest of the on the living flesh of Heirarch Voyle, but try as I might, despite all the paraphernalia and whatnot that I’ve collected in my over-a-decade Warmachine career (gad, it’s been a long time since I painted that first Gunbunny). Now I find myself plotting a personal painting project for after I’ve finished my current commission work. Over the last several years, since I had to sell my original Menite collection, the stable of warcasters has expanded significantly, and while I could roll a d20 (literally, we have 20 warcasters to choose from), I’d rather not *completely* cast the the fate of my reborn Menites to the whims of fate.

As I look back at my old Menites I can see the evolution of the scheme grom my first Kreoss to the 2010 resculpt. I got smart and started using DragonForge bases,and though I still struggle to muscle through all the studs and rivets. I was much happier with the later incarnation.

Severius was another of my earliest Menite warcasters, with Amon (Oh, my dear, sweet, kickass Amon) not far behind. Reznik started pushing toward  a stronger blue presence in the scheme, which then led to the Kreoss repaint.

The High Reclaimer resculpt was actually something of a harbinger of the scheme to come, as I found myself really liking the off-white armour with the yellow metallics. Now I’ve painted Malekus as a test model for a new scheme (along with Hand of Silence) and I’m not yet certain how well it will translate to a warjack, but we’ll see soon enough.

For now though, it’s stream of consciousness time as we try to ascertain Menoth’s Will.

Let’s start with process of elimination. I don’t want to do Harbinger, Reznik2. Severius2 doesn’t appeal, and if I want to try Severius0 in the list – and I kinda do – then Severius 1 is out as well. Neither of the pony casters – no Kreoss3 or Feora3. While we’re talking Flameguard, Feora2 isn’t high on my to-do list, though Feora1 has potential. The hilarity of Engine of Destruction is a thing.

I think I have a slight aversion to the Kreoss’ because I’m loathe to tie myself into painting an entire army of Exemplars. You know me, I’m going to have to do a theme force, and if I have a Kreoss I’m going to need to back him up with his crew. So no Kreoss1 or Kreoss2.

Amon Ad Raza will always be high on my list, but his current popularity makes me feel so damn old. I was playing Amon before he was cool [/Hipster]. As much as I love skipping warjacks across the board with Mobility, I’m looking for something different this time around. Along the same lines, High Reclaimer was another favourite in MkII, so he’s shelved for now. With him goes Testament, who may have one of the coolest stories in the Iron Kingdoms, but I’ve never been a huge fan of. Can’t really say way.

That leaves us with…

  • Feora1
  • Anson Durst
  • Reznik1
  • Cyrenia
  • Malekus
  • Tristan Durant
  • Thyra
  • Vindictus

Of those, let’s eliminate Reznik1, Tristan, Cyrenia. Cyrenia falls into the same trap as the Kreoss’s, leading into painting a tonne of Exemplars, and I’m just not inclined to paint Reznik or Tristan right now. We have three Flameguard warcasters left on the list, all three of whom have character warjacks that would also be a hoot to field. Vindictus has long been one of my favourite warcasters – in my head he’s the Starscream to Severius’ Megatron – but I’d like to keep the model count for the project down, and if I pullout Vindictus I’m going to want a horde of Holy Zealots.

That leaves us with four. The three Flameguard warcasters and the Rock of the Faith.

What say you, Losties?

4 Responses to Decisions, Decisions… What does Menoth Will?

  1. Avatar dbrown_astro
    dbrown_astro says:

    Malekus is fun, and would give you lots of opportunities to set things on fire. But then I really like the sculpt for Durst.

  2. As much as i luv Daughters of the flame, the big guy with the shield needs some luv

    Anson Durst

  3. Yep, going to have to echo the above: Durst all the way.

  4. You know Feora is my homegirl…

    – brotherscott