Tharn Blood Shaman

This post is being written Saturday night, because Lord knows I’ve got enough going on on Sunday. Aside from the fact that I work Sundays, it’s also Enormous Sportsball Day for those who follow such things, and you just know Northblade’s going to be wearing a Patriots jersey while many others would just be happy to see anybody other than the Patriots win this year’s Superbowl. Frankly, I hope you cheered for whichever team you personally prefer, and whether they won or not, I hope you had a great Sunday. Meanwhile, here’s a quick unboxing of the Tharn Blood Shaman.

The Tharn Blood Shaman joins Iona, Brighid and Caul in fleshing out the Tharn aspects of the Circle Orboros with new characters. She’s a Warlock Attachment, and a spellcaster in her own right. She can reduce the cost of one of her warlock’s spells through Harmonious Exaltation, cast one of her warlock’s spells – significantly increasing the functional range of the spell – through Spell Slave, and she can slit the throat of one of her allies to empower another, bending the laws of probability through Blood Ritual. Given that she’s Tharn, a feral tribe of cannibals of mutable physiognomy, the fact that she ignores laws shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Four components, keeping it nice and simple. Privateer’s resin work continues to shine, with plenty of great detail throughout the main body





Her empty face was scaring me, so I glued the head in place. I think part of the reason Tharn favor dreadlocks is because they won’t be prone to flying up into the blades on the sides of their masks. Imagine if she was at a soccer game and did the wave? She’d lop her own forearms off!

The arms socket in, though the sockets are a little loose. Getting them to sit at the right angle will require slightly more attention than I paid, but it’ll look fine on the tabletop.

See? Overhead angle is fine. The arm lines up nicely, though there’s some cleanuop needed on the spear itself, granted.

I’ve long argued that each faction in Warmachine is actually a collection of subfactions, and I’m delighted that the Tharn are finally fleshed out to the point where you can actually build a list around a single tribe going to war, without the theme being fragmented by Druids and the Wolves/Reeves. It makes me happy that Tharn enthusiasts (Entharniasts?) can indulge themselves, launching Kromac and Iona as their commanders in a two-list format.

Now, who else remembers the tribe of Tharn somewhere in the Scharde Isles that worshiped the Devourer as an enormous shark…