The die is cast, and it’s a rock.

Monday’s blog post, I posited four options and asked for your thoughts, dear Losties… and it sounds like no-one’s super keen to see me paint up Flameguard. Three of the options – Feora1, Malekus and Thyra – were all overshadowed by your apparent desire to see me swing completely away from the High DEF playstyle that I enjoyed with Amon Ad Raza. Instead of daring my opponents to even try attacking my kicky monks for fear of their barefoot reprisals, I will instead be the rock against which the waves break. When the hordes surge forth to deliver death and destruction to the innocent, they will find in front of them a wall. Oddly enough, one armed with a burning lance.

I’ve always been a fan of the Order of the Wall. To use the D&D alignment matrix – which is really a gross oversimplification – the Protectorate is all about Law, but it covers the full spectrum from Good to Evil. The Order of the Wall, more than any other group within the Protectorate, are dedicated to the defense of the innocent, to saving lives rather than ending them. High Paladin Dartan Vilmon is legend, one of the greatest warriors in the Iron Kingdoms (seriously – all the models out there, how many have a natural MAT of 9?), and this is the shadow Anson Durst has grown from, as the second character model available from the Order.

When I sit here and ponder what sort of list to build around Anson, the choice is pretty clear to me. Warjacks – because Anson is very definitely a battlegroup-centric warcaster – and then load up on the Order, with options being Vilmon, Paladins, the Champion of the Order of the Wall, and once I can get my hands on some, some Initiates. All those warriors looking to defend the squishy, I think maybe some Holy Zealots.

For now, I’m considering:

Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith
– Templar
– Indictor
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
Champion of the Order of the Wall
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Choir of Menoth (6)
Holy Zealots (10)
– Monolith Bearer
Holy Zealots (10)
– Monolith Bearer

Per the Faithful Masses theme force, this list comes out to 50pts, with Vilmon and one of the Paladins being free of cost. I get to put a bonus wall on table for zealots to hide behind, and both warjacks gain Hand of Vengeance. The list isn’t consciously geared to win by attrition, assassination or scenario, but it will lead to my having a warcaster, two heavies, a bunch of heavies, and a small swarm of Zealots painted, which can be the foundations for future projects.

It’s not set in stone, but there are no models on that list that I’d object to painting, and I’d be well placed for any hawt Paladin action in future lists. I still need to finish some commission work before I can start this, but I’m liking where it’s heading. Now the project just needs a stupid name. Project Avuncular Speartip maybe…