Adepticon approacheth…

… and I won’t be there. Granted, I’ve never had the pleasure of attending Adepticon, so this is no huge loss to the Adepticon Goer Community, but a number of pals will be and thus it’s hitting my social media feeds pretty hard. It has me pondering the pros and cons of various… um… cons, and my own personal experiences with them.

It really started with Templecon, where the Lost Hemisphere Titans met in person – most of us for the first time – and we got to experience the joys of wargaming and steampunk cosplayers and zombies roaming the halls being chased by people with nerf guns. It was a trippy time, as were the Templecons that followed, and I was sad to see the powers that be decide to move the convention away from its time slot in February. Thankfully, CaptainCon jumped into the slot, and the New England Privateers have been running a great show since.

Then there was Warmachine Weekend, which gracefully reinforced my personal motto of “I can lose to anyone!”. I got to meet more amazing peeps, including Dallas Kemp, Julie Brinker, and of course, Michael Plummer who you should all high-five at Adepticon. I got to destroy a Judicator and a Galleon before either was released. I’m not sure Jason Martin ever forgave me for getting the kill-shot on the Judicator with a Soulless Escort…

Image result for genconNow, I’ve never made it to any of the PAX’s, nor Lock & Load, but thanks to Ninja Steve and The Admiral I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the last several GenCons. I’ve met and chatted with some amazing people, from game industry folks like Simon Berman, Oz Schoonover, John Cadice and Jonathan Phillips-Bradford, to authors like Chris Jackson, Margaret Weiss and Howard Taylor, and to amazing painters like Drew Drescher, Meg Maples and Mark Maxey. I even got to meet Zach Yonzon one year, albeit briefly. I’ve spent more than intended, I’ve bought models that still have yet to see paint years later (though that’s an experience I’m sure we all share), and Oh Dear Menoth, the pins that decorate the wall on pinboards in the living room. I’ve recorded podcast interviews, I’ve been recorded on an episode of The Dice Tower, I’ve played Cosplay Attendant to MinkTheSatyr, I’ve had wonderful experience after wonderful experience.

Conventions aren’t for everyone – the sheer number of bodies in an enclosed space is a heck of a thing, especially when not everyone follows the 3-2-1 rule of conventioneering (3 hours sleep, 2 meals, 1 shower – Daily minimums, people). The sheer level of background hubbub can be maddening, it can be easy to get swept up in a human amoeba and get lost or separated from those you’re there with, and of course, no convention comes without a price tag – but if you can ever find your way to a tabletop gaming convention, it’s one heck of an experience.

And now Adepticon is dropping, with the swag bag including Level 7: Invasion! OMG, my fave non-IK IP from PP! I’m chuffed that people are going to get a chance to try to save the Earth from the invading Hydra. Or perhaps the’ll swing by Privateer Press’ booth and pick up Hammerklak, sparking the Subterran Uprising for their games of Monsterpocalypse. Okay, Kovnik Apprentice Kratikoff is also releasing, but she’s Khadoran. I guess some of you will want her to bolster the war effort.

To those of you attending, have an amazing time!

To those of you not attending, have amazing times too, you’ll just need to put a little more effort into making it happen.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.