AoS: The Charnel Throne

Hot on the heels of Wednesday’s blog post, today we get a new episode of “Gdaybloke actually finished painting something!… Well, almost, I still want to cover the steps with some bloody handprints, but in the school of thought that says “Finished, Not Perfect”, the Charnel Throne is completed! Officially the first model I’ve actually finished painting for my Flesh-Eater Courts army, we can do a little unboxing…

My Archregent awaits his lofty perch, from where his vision pass to those in his service. His lofty perch comes on two sprues.

“Abhorrent Goul King” is three words. So two does the Charnel Throne fall to three sub-assemblies before painting.

Many are the loyal and faithful mordants in service to the king. Many also are the bones ‘neath the throne.

Side note: So many skulls, so few jawbones. Some bastard’s running around the Games Workshop universe with an amazing collection of jawbones. Also, delighted and entertained that there’s actually a lower leg in the mix.

Poor masonry and cracked flagstones are no hindrance to the Archregent. The skulls of the fallen, once liberated of tasty sweetmeats, fill holes nicely.

The Charnel Throne may be held together by dark magics, but it is no fallacy to suggest it is the backbone of the kingdom. Several of them, actually. There’s several entire rib cages in there.

Once I’ve got my hands on a suitably glossy red, I’ll take steps to up the gore level a tad. Get it? Take steps? HAH! I kill me… but not in front of the Archregent, he’ll eat my vital bits.

My opponents will now witness the power of this fully armed (even with spares!) and operational Charnel Throne. (*sets about decimating Rebel Fleet by summoning courtiers without spending command points*)

It’ll be a little while before I can paint more Flesh-Eater Court models, but this one was a lot of fun, and it’s a good feeling knowing that I can use it as a scenery piece for any tabletop games. You know, that are suitable for a macabre, bone-strewn platform with an enormous chair that doesn’t look at -all- comfortable.