Baby Paladins: Initiates of the Wall

Ah, Menites. I’m unreasonably happy whenever I get to write a post about bunch of zealous pyromaniacs, and today I get to post about some that are actively the good guys. The Protectorate is all about the True Law, and different facets of the faction embrace the Word of Menoth from different perspectives. The Paladins of the Order of the Wall are some of the few that are actively dedicated to protecting the innocent from the evils of the world. These guys, the Initiates of the Wall, are Paladins in training. They dream big and one day will earn their Firebrands.

The bodies of each of the Initiates are resin – one sculpt male, one sculpt female. The two male Initiates are clearly twins, but the poses – once completed with their consecrated axes – give a significant variance, showcasing neat design choices.

I look at these axes and wonder how long it would take our friends at Polyhedron Cosplay to make me a suit of paladin armour.

Fully assembled, I’m put in mind of a dungeoneering adventuring party working their way single file through corridors laden with traps and other nastiness. If only there was an RPG that allowed for a party full of Paladins of the Order of the Wall. Oh, wait, there’s the IKRPG!!!

Dunstan is a paladin on a mission. Dedicated to the defense of his team, Dunstan’s resolve is second only to his joie de vivre.

Voted “Most likely to behead a cyclops”, Nikolai is a bit of a bossy-boots but his strategic instincts have yet to be wrong.

Selina knows an Infernalist when she sees one, and will happily open up a can of whoop-ass the likes of which is seldom seen.

From the brush of Jason Ford, behold the dignity and poise and barely concealed threat of a swift drubbing should you fail to cease your ne’er-do-well behaviours. Return your library books on time, you savage!

You can get your own Initiates at your FLGS or through your preferred online retailer.