Dungeons and Doggies

Every once in awhile a kickstarter comes along that, frankly, is just plain silly… but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome in its own whimsical way. The Baby Bestiaries come to mind, a stunningly beautiful resource for anyone who’s ever wanted to raise an infant Umber Hulk, and then there’s the box that arrived late last week, full of canine characters. Are they simply fun painting projects? Are they going to appear in the biweekly Salty Tales D&D adventures in the Gdaycave? Time will tell…

The set comes with twelve adventuring canines and a bonus thirteenth, the bard Tonka from the Dungeons & Doggos webcomic

Three lovely art cards snuck their way under the tray as well.

Nightingale the Pomeranian Monk and Hartley the French Bulldog. He doesn’t need a class, Bulldog is a class. 😛

Tobias is a slightly blurry Corgi Warlock, and Morgaine is a Dachshund Sorcerer. The models were produced by Steamforrged, similar material to the GuildBall teams.

Svetlana is a Beagle Barbarnian, and Tonka the Mastiff Bard was the kickstarter exclusive model

Montague is a Cocker Spaniel Bard (though I think an opportunity was missed, should have been a Cavalier) and Cornelius is a Golden Retriever Wizard

Flint is a Blue Heeler Ranger, and Cassandra is a Husky Paladin

Freya is a German Shepherd Druid, and Cerysse is a St Bernard Cleric

And finally, Terdic is a Chihuahua Rogue, complete with throwing knives. I’m not sure how that works without opposable thumbs, but I think that applies to pretty much each of these. A degree of suspension of disbelief is required if you want to imagine these guys as anything other than painting projects 😉

Thirteen canine adventurers are now eagerly awaiting room on the painting table at the Gdaycave (currently occupied be Menites and a clockwork chicken), and they’re finding their way into the homes of the kickstarter backers all over the place. Rumors are circling that there may be a feline version on the way… but first, I’m looking forward to the PDF rule document for dog adventurers in D&D 5e!