Feeling Attached: The Greylord Adjunct and the Bane Knight Officer

Back in my Mk2 Khador days, I had a lot of fun with the Old Witch’s theme force. It was hilarious to me to see people’s reaction to Kossites, who would promptly infiltrate and -easily- distract more than their points worth of enemy models as Scrapjack and the Greylords got into position. The other theme force that really appealed to me was Karchev’s, so once again Greylords to the fore. The release of the Greylord Adjunct therefore made me happy. Oh, and there’s a Bane Knight Officer too, but Cryx are all evil and stuff, so…

The Bane Knight Officer comes in 5 components, the bulk of which is a beautifully detailed piece of resin. I’m loath to count the rivets,and he should really see a seamstress about darning that ghostly skirt.

Assembly is nice and easy, even the back spines secure without difficulty. Amusingly, the most irksome component to glue in was the head. This model will find a new home thanks to the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool.

Ah! There’s the fine fellow! Three components, unlike that evil Bane Knight creep. A single resin component for the body, and two arms that fit nice and snug against the body.

In some countries it’s considered rude to point with a single finger. The Adjunct thus indicates that you should go that way, with two fingers. How polite and considerate! Ignore the clenched fist of his other hand, ready to swing into an uppercut. His genteel manners will only go so far.

From the talented brush of @ChreeMillsPainting, just look at this handsome fellow! Why, I bet he’d be a fine accompaniment to any Warcaster in the servive of the Empress. He’s also available for birthday parties, baby showers, and science fair presentations involving volcanoes.

You can get both of these spiffy models at your FLGS or via your preferred online retailer. Do the thing!