It Came From Beyond: Rogzor and the Harbinger Comet Shard

Imagine you’re hurtling through space, minding your own business, on an enormous hunk of rock – a comet, really – and this satellite from an otherwise unassuming blue-green planet, third from its native star, swings by and pings you. Like, not even a by-your-leave. You were in the shower, for cryin’ out loud. Despite the rude interruption, you put on your polite face, and swing your comet around to respond to the planet. You find it utterly infested with these little bipeds, carving up the surface of the world, belching all sorts of pollutants into the land, air, and water, and then there’s whatever this “Jersey Shore” business is. You decide to help the planet out, to rid it of the infestation, and they respond by shooting projectiles and explosives at you. Fair enough, you say, and you unleash a torrent of energy at the vermin…

After the pleasant simplicity of Zor-Raiden, Rogzor was going to take a little work. Assembly isn’t difficult at all, but cleaning off the resin channel plugs is more challenging with the curved and organic surfaces.

Rogzor packs the same vented pauldrons as Gorghadra. Big shoulderpads never went out of style on the Harbinger Comet.

The legs come fully spried up, the arms have channels to clean up. Break out the hobby knives.

A quick and easy assembly later, and you’ve got an amazing toothy green supported by ballistic membranes. Pew Pew!

The comet shard has embedded itself in the ground and opened its vents to channel energy and resources.

A sweet balance between crystalline spire and space armor, the view from ground level must be intimidating as heck.

Lost pal Nekuraizou slapped paint on the Comet Shard on his Twitch  stream, and is working on Rogzor as well. Enjoy his handsome mug and his painting ways!

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