One last hurrah: Kingdom-Con 2019

Years ago, I met Ross Thompson, and we butted heads. Then we met again, and were quite civil. And then again. And then somehow, through the magic of time, shared nerdery, and not-being-dinks-to-each-other, we somehow ended up achieving nerdmaste, recognizing the divine awkward in each other, and these days he’s someone I admire and respect, enjoy chatting with, can turn to for insight on a puzzling conundrum, and actively look forward to seeing at conventions. Speaking of, Ross has been the driving force behind a little annual gathering called Kingdom-Con in San Diego. Next month, Kingdom-Con celebrates is 10th, and last, anniversary.

Ross made the following announcement on the official site:

It is exciting that we find ourselves celebrating our 10th Anniversary for Kingdom-Con! When we first started, it was for people to come together to play games in Southern California. From that first event of 200 people, that initial drive is what kept the con going for the next 10 years. Kingdom-Con grew every year adding more events, staff and volunteers, tournaments and hobby activities to become what it is today, supporting over 1200 people playing games every April in San Diego. Because of you Kingdom-Con has formed into this awesome event, a celebration of gaming and friends. But it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the 10th event will be the last Kingdom-Con.

We know how much this event means to many of you. We have had many fantastic times together playing games, sharing a laugh and probably a drink. We are so thankful for all the support from people who come year after year, or those that are still just discovering Kingdom-Con for the first time. Lets make this year a celebration of the last 10 years of gathering together to play games.

I am so thankful and it is difficult to put into words for how much all the support has been for Kingdom-Con.

There are so many people to thank, who have put in countless hours preparing for the con. The staff, the volunteers, the meetings, the logistics, it goes on and on. I am happy that we have been able to celebrate our love of gaming these last 10 years and it is incredible that the convention has continued year after year. Kingdom-Con would not happen each year without the people behind the scenes making sure that everything is ready to go the moment the convention opens, that are ready to help with the chaos that happens and that are ready with their game for when people sit down at the table.

Our 10th Anniversary is a celebration of all the good times we have had and for the ones we will have this year. We are going to have a fantastic time, playing games, sharing a drink, filling the gaming halls with good gaming. I am forever thankful at how much Kingdom-Con has brought so many awesome people together year after year. Those friendships are what make this event. I am looking forward to spending this Kingdom-Con 10 with you. My life has changed for the better because of Kingdom-Con.

Come to Kingdom-Con 10, celebrate and play games. Let us make this the best one yet. Make sure to sign the banner!

We have extended the Pre-Registration and Hotel Block date to March 15th as well.

Thank you and see you in April.



Kingdom-Con has been a labor of love for Ross and the team from day one, and this amazing event will be missed. While I was never fortunate enough to attend myself (San Diego’s a loooong way away from the Gdaycave) but I’ve heard tales of good times and nerdy shenanigans, which are of course what keeps us all going.

To Ross and everyone involved in putting Kingdom-Con on the map, thank you for all your time, efforts, and contributions to the gaming community.